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Merck customer service is committed to assisting you in obtaining optimum performance and value from your investment. Our customer service staff are available M-F in over 15 countries worldwide, each with trained support personnel on hand to facilitate your needs.

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Customer Support
Local (206) 374-7000
Toll Free (800) 730-7147
(instrument support)
(analysis support & other questions)

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Supplies and Reagents

Speedbeads® IS-100 Amnis® Catalog # 400030
Speedbead Kit ImageStream®X Amnis® Catalog # 400041
Calibration Beads FlowSight® Amnis® Catalog #400300
Sterilizer 0.4-0.7% Hypochlorite VWR Catalog # JT9416-1
Cleanser Coulter Clenz® Beckman Coulter Catalog #8546929
Debubbler 70% Isopropanol Millipore Cat# 1.37040
Sheath D-PBS,
no Ca or Mg
Millipore Cat #BSS-1006-B (1X)
Calbiochem Cat#6506 (10X)
96 well plate Autosampler Corning 3790
Piercable plate cover Autosampler Sigma XP-100

Product Training

Merck’s Amnis® team offers training sessions at Amnis® headquarters, located at 645 Elliott Avenue West, 100, Seattle, WA 98119. These three-day sessions are held on a monthly basis, see below for upcoming dates.
Upcoming Training Session Dates:

May Session: 9/19/17 – 9/21/17

To reserve a seat for an upcoming session, please email:

These comprehensive training sessions include:
  • Instrument setup and operation
  • INSPIRE® Software demonstration and training 
  • Sample preparation and experimental design
  • Data Analysis with IDEAS® Software
  • Troubleshooting
Advanced training is also available for your unique needs. For more information, please contact