MABF400 | Anti-CD27 Antibody (human), APC-Cy7, clone O323

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      Key Spec Table

      Species ReactivityKey ApplicationsHostFormatAntibody Type
      HFCMAPC-Cy7Monoclonal Antibody
      Catalogue NumberMABF400
      DescriptionAnti-CD27 Antibody (human), APC-Cy7, clone O323
      Alternate Names
      • CD27 antigen
      • CD27L receptor
      • T-cell activation antigen CD27
      • T14
      • Tumor necrosis factor receptor superfamily member 7
      • CD antigen CD27
      Background InformationThe O323 antibody reacts with human CD27 (TNFRSF7), a cell surface homodimer of 55 kDa subunits, which provides co-stimulatory signaling in support of the T cell (TCR) and B cell (BCR) receptors. By comparison with CD28, whose TCR co-stimulatory signal can trigger cell proliferation, CD27 signaling appears to promote cell survival and differentiation to effector / memory stages. Also in contrast with CD28, the CD27 receptor may be shed following interaction with its ligand CD70, which is typically expressed on activated dendritic cells, T cells and B cells. With respect to B cells, CD27 is considered to be a phenotypic marker for memory B cells. CD27 has been included within a group of phenotypic markers for identifying human B regulatory cells (Bregs), a cell type proposed to regulate CD4+ T cell proliferation and Foxp3 / CTLA-4 expression in Treg cells.The O323 antibody may be used for analysis of CD27 expression on peripheral T cells, and is frequently used in combination with antibodies for IgD and IgM to distinguish naïve vs. memory B cell populations. For identification of Breg cells, this antibody has been used in combination with antibodies for CD25, CD27, CD1d, IL-10 and TGF-beta (Kessel et al. 2012. Autoimm. Rev. 11(9): 670-677). The antibody is also reported for cross-reactivity with Baboon, Cynomolgus and Rhesus CD27.
      Product Information
      PresentationPurified Mouse Monoclonal Antibody in buffer containing 10 mM NaH2PO4, 150 mM NaCl, 0.1% gelatin, pH 7.2, and up to 0.1% sodium azide.
      ApplicationThis Mouse Monoclonal Antibody Anti-CD27 (human), APC-Cy7, clone O323, Cat. No. MABF400 is validated for use in FC for the detection of CD27.
      Key Applications
      • Flow Cytometry
      Biological Information
      ImmunogenImmunogen information for this antibody is proprietary information.
      Concentration5 µL (0.125 µg)/test
      Species Reactivity
      • Human
      Antibody TypeMonoclonal Antibody
      Gene Symbol
      • CD27
      • TNFRSF7
      Purification MethodSize Exclusion Chromatography
      UniProt Number
      Physicochemical Information
      Materials Information
      Toxicological Information
      Safety Information according to GHS
      Safety Information
      Product Usage Statements
      Usage Statement
      • Unless otherwise stated in our catalog or other company documentation accompanying the product(s), our products are intended for research use only and are not to be used for any other purpose, which includes but is not limited to, unauthorized commercial uses, in vitro diagnostic uses, ex vivo or in vivo therapeutic uses or any type of consumption or application to humans or animals.
      Storage and Shipping Information
      Storage ConditionsIt is recommended to store the product undiluted at 2-8°C and protected from prolonged exposure to light. Do not freeze.
      Packaging Information
      Material Size100 tests
      Transport Information
      Supplemental Information

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