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Method, or Implement a Rapid Method

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Traditional Method Using EZ-Fit™

Optimize your bioburden testing process with the help of one of our experienced application scientists. Particularly helpful when setting up new methods; we can troubleshoot any incompatibility issues to ensure optimal microbial recovery, whilst streamlining your workflow.

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Traditional method: Microfil and EZ-Fit

Rapid Methods Using EZ-Fluo™, Milliflex® Quantum
and MilliFlex® Rapid

Benefit from our decades of expertise in both technology and application:
  • Feasibility Study: Verify the suitability of the platform for your application
  • Method Development Services: Ensure optimal microbial recovery
    and rapid detection
  • Installation Services: Full installation and comprehensive training for your lab
  • Service Plans: Ensure the continued performance and reliability of your system

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Milliflex® QuantumMilliflexEZ™-Fluo and Camera

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Optimize your QC lab workflow and ensure regulatory compliance.

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