InCyte™ and GuavaSuite Software Features

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guava InCyte™ Software

InCyte™ Software is the first analysis package designed specifically to give every user the power to draw conclusions about the biological significance of data. It has an intuitive, easy-to-use interface that makes it possible to visualize and compare up to eight data sets at the same time. The software is ideally suited for interrogation of high content data sets derived from multiple functional studies commonly employed during compound screening and target identification. InCyte™ brings a new level of analytical power to flow cytometry, enabling users to analyze entire plates of data in less time than it takes to analyze a single sample. In addition, data acquisition is fully incorporated so that it can function as the primary data acquisition and analysis package for the instrument. Most importantly, comparative results are displayed at the experiment level rather than on an individual well/sample basis.

Features & Benefits

  • Drag and drop gating –from one plot to another
  • View up to 11 plots at once
  • Real time plot adjustments
  • Organize acquired data sets and select individual wells for display
  • Easily create analysis templates
  • Quickly link to and review previously analyzed data
  • Combine groups of data and analysis templates
  • Slider bars set cut-offs or threshold values for each experimental sector
  • Heat map shows values across an entire plate
  • Easily generate IC50/EC50 curves within the software

Guava Incyte™ software

For more information about the InCyte™ Software, read our software application note here.

guavaSuite Assay-Specific Software

Assay-specific Software Modules: Optimized
Get to the most meaningful data more quickly. Optimized for each assay, Guava assay-specific software modules display only the plots and statistics you need. Each software module acquires and analyzes data, then exports results to a database without additional user intervention. This integrated, automated process makes your cell analysis both easier and more accurate.

Features & Benefits

  • One-click acquisition and analysis
  • Pre-set plot templates specific to assay
  • Friendly interface with step-by-step guide
  • Assay results with statistics automatically calculated and displayed to minimize error
  • Sample volume tracking
  • Accurate cell counts without reference beads

Guava Incyte software