ProSep® Ultra Plus Chromatography Media

Designed for high throughput affinity purification of monoclonal antibodies and other proteins.



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    Biochromatography Portfolio Guide (MM)
    ProSep® Ultra Plus
    Provantage® Services - Chromatography Column Packing Services

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    Article: :Packing of Large-scale Chromatography Columns with Irregularly Shaped Glass Based Resins Using a Stop-flow Method
    Benzyl alcohol clearance from Protein A resins
    Consistent Packing Performance for Diverse Media Types with QuikScale® Biochromatography Columns, TB35290000
    PAB - An Enhanced Sanitization Option for ProSep Chromatography Media MM
    ProSep® A Chromatography Resins: Virus Clearance and Sanitization
    Technical Brief - Citric acid or acetic acid? (MM)

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    Mobius® FlexReady Solution with Smart Flexware™ Assemblies for Chromatography and TFF
    ProSep® Ultra Plus Chromatography Media (Merck)


    HCP clearance strategies for Protein A chromatography
    Simple process strategies to increase the utilization of Protein A media in clinical manufacturing

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    Preguntas frecuentes

    What is the difference between ProSep-vA Ultra and ProSep-vA High Capacity chromatography media?Prosep-vA Ultra uses a 700 angstrom pore size porous glass and ProSep vA High Capacity uses a 1000 Angstrom porous glass. The Prosep-vA Ultra has a greater surface area due to the smaller pore size, which allows the immobilization of a larger amount of protein A. The increased amount of protein A results in a higher capacity resin.
    How do I choose between ProSep-vA Ultra versus ProSep-vA High Capacity?Prosep-vA Ultra has a higher binding capacity than ProSep-vA High Capacity - ≥ 56mg/ml vs ≥ 40 mg/ml.

    ProSep-vA High Capacity has a larger pore size and may perform better when purifying fusion proteins or antibody conjugates with molecular weights above 150 kD.
    What is Prosep-vA ?ProSep-vA is native protein A derived from Staphylococcus aureus which has been immobilized onto porous glass beads. ProSep-vA is available on glass of two diffferent porosities - ProSep-vA ultra (700 angstroms) and ProSep-vA High Capacity (1000 angstroms)
    What is the shelf life of the Prosep-A family of protein A affinity media?One Year. Shelf life studies are ongoing and will be increased as data becomes available. Please contact Technical Service for further shelf life information.
    Do you provide reguatory support?A regulatory reference document is available for ProSep-vA High Capacity and will soon be available for Prosep-vA Ultra.

    As the raw materials and the chemistry used in the manufacture of ProSep-vA Ultra are the same as for ProSep-vA High Capacity , the regulators will be familiar with the product. ProSep-vA High Capacity has been and is widely used in various licensed MAb products and products in clinical trails.

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