Muse® Cell Analyzer Installation Videos

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With the Muse® analyzer, sophisticated cell analysis has never been simpler. Even startup is a snap. Watch the following Muse demo videos to quickly set up and operate your instrument. Individual Muse demo video chapters instruct you in:
  • Unpacking the instrument
  • Installation of key components
  • General guidance for getting started
  • Running the System Check
  • General care and maintenance
For more detailed information, and for handy reference, please consult the Instrument Users Guide.

Learn how to set up, operate, and use your new Muse® cell analyzer by watching this Muse® demo video on installation.

Chapter 1: Unpacking the Instrument

  • Accessories included
  • Instrument features and navigation
  • Registering your instrument online

Chapter 2: Installation

  • Installation and set up
  • Filling the fluid bottles
  • Connecting the waste bottle tubing
  • Installing the flow cell

Chapter 3: Preparing to Run Samples

  • Basic instrument settings required for set up
  • Main software features
  • General instrument operations
  • Exporting files
  • Updating software
  • Cleaning the fluidics using the System Clean program

Chapter 4: System Check

  • Running the Muse® System Check application
  • Bead preparation
  • Running replicates
  • Result interpretation
  • System Check troubleshooting

Chapter 5: General Maintenance

  • Cleaning the fluidics and flow cell
  • Best maintenance practices