Guava® easyCyte Instrument Features

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Guava® easyCyte flow cytometers use novel microcapillary technology that enables a compact, user-friendly format powerful enough to run your most complex assays. These simple fluidics enable a self-aligning flow cell that can be removed for cleaning by the user. New, more robust lasers available in virtually any combination mean that you choose the excitation and emission channels that are a match for your lab’s experiments and budget. All of our versatile optical configurations are available with an affordable single-sample loader, or an integrated multiwell sample tray option, for trouble-free walkaway acquisition of up to 96 samples.

Sample Handling Formats for Both Tubes and 96-Well Plates

Automated Sampling for 96-well Plates
The Guava® easyCyte HT series enables walkaway sample handling for higher throughput assays using a built-in, automated 96-well plate loader tray, which can hold a 96-well plate as well as 10 sample tubes. To ensure that cells stay in suspension during sampling, a rotating, variable- speed mixing paddle with auto-cleaning is used between each well so there is no need for manual resuspension after loading the plate. This virtually eliminates carryover between samples and mixes more efficiently than shaking plate holder formats.
Single Sample Loading for Tubes
For manual sample handling in a cost-effective format, we offer the Guava® easyCyte with its rotating sample tube loader. The manual loader holds two separate tubes, allowing the user to progress quickly from one sample to another, or to wash between samples following an acquisition.
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Direct sampling using the patented microcepillary system requires no sheath fluid.
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No Sheath Fluid – Direct Sampling Using the Patented Microcapillary System

All Guava® easyCyte systems use a unique, microcapillary flow cell for easy operation and minimal maintenance
  • The microcapillary allows direct sampling by aspiration, eliminating the need for sheath fluid (see figure). As a result, the instrument is very compact in size and simple to operate.
  • The flow cell is self-analyzing, and can be easily removed for cleaning—so you can say goodbye to having your acquisition delayed by a clogged flow cell. This feature makes the easyCyte™ systems broadly applicable for measuring a wide variety of cells and particles.
Direct absolute counts without reference beads
Absolute cell counts are a distinct advantage of direct sampling, and automatic cell enumeration is returned from every sample acquired on a Guava® cytometer. A positive displacement syringe pump enables not only direct sampling, but can adjust the flow rate as well to ensure clear data from a range of sample titers.

Compatible with Many Common Fluorochromes and Fluorescent Reagents

Thoughtful laser and detector selection ensures that easyCyte™ instruments are compatible with familiar and trusted fluorophores, as well as many of the newer dyes that offer advantages such as increased brightness or photostability. A list of compatible fluorochromes for easyCyte™ can be found here.
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Versatile & User-Friendly Software

  • InCyte™ software simplifies data acquisition with the following features:
    • Drag-and-drop gating for easy analysis of specific populations
    • Unique heat mapping allowing rapid visualization of up to 6 parameters at once for multiple samples
    • EC50/IC50 feature facilitates construction of dose-response curves, simply by selecting groups of data
    • Settings portability allows transfer of methods and settings between instruments, even with different optical layouts
    • Manual or automated compensation capabilities
    • Automatic export of data to CSV file format
  • InCyte™ software is an ideal platform for simultaneous comparisons of multiple samples. Heat-map based analysis can be used to analyze up to 12 parameters, from a plate-based study, in real time:
guava InCyte™ software is versatile and user friendly.IC50 determination using the Cytochrome c Kit and analyzed the built-in IC-50/EC-50 curve fitting feature of guava InCyte™. Cells were analyzed on the guava easyCyte™ 8HT. Plot A shows the drag and drop gating strategy used for the IC50 determination. Plot B shows the IC50 curve results for gambogic acid and Plot C shows the EC50 for etoposide. The once complex task of finding the IC50 or EC50 for a compound has been made as easy as a few clicks of the mouse. (Click image to enlarge.)

InCyte™ Software Heat Map View

Heat-map based analysis can be used to analyze up to 8 parameters, from a plate-based study, in real time.
Hela cells in microtiter plates were treated with multiple cytotoxic compounds for 24 hours. Cells were stained using Merck’s MitoDamage, MitoCaspase, or MitoStress kits. Cells were analyzed on the guava® platform and percent population data were compared in a heat map format using Merck’s InCyte™ Software. InCyte™ software allowed for the quick identification of hit compounds and comparison of all 5 parameters simultaneously as shown in the pie charts above. The data above shows the data for the 80 compounds on both cell lines.

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