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Instrument Service Plans

Get the most out of your Guava® easyCyte flow cytometry system. Choose one of our best-in-class service plans and be confident that your system is always in excellent condition and able to meet your needs.

We offer a wide range of service agreements and preventative maintenance plans that are supported by highly-trained service professionals and technical support representatives.

As part of Merck’s complete flow cytometry solution, our service agreements are structured, yet flexible, allowing you to select the level of hardware, software, and application support that you prefer.

Instrument qualification is also available at installation upon request, as part of our IQ/OQ service offering. For more information on features included in IQ/OQ, please contact Technical Support.

Instrument Service Plan Options

Service Plan Features*
One-Year Warranty
Service Total Plan
Preventative Maintenance Plan
Travel, Labor, and Expenses to Perform Service
Instrument Installation at Customer Site
Coverage of Parts
Preventative Maintenance
Factory Trained and Authorized Service Engineers
Technical Support Services
Priority Scheduling

* No service contract is required for a one-time service request.

One Year Warranty

Our standard one-year warranty replaces any components that may be damaged through normal use and also provided full preventative maintenance following the first year after an instrument installation.

Qualified trained personnel provide instrument installation. Customers should not attempt to install the instrument themselves. Following installation of a new instrument by trained personnel, training in instrument operation & software features will be provided. If applications assistance is needed after instrument installation and training, it can be scheduled at customer request for a small fee. A variety of Merck Kits or Reagents may be used during applications assistance to highlight simple methods for successful assay performance.

Additional flow cells are not including during the one-year warranty.

Service Total Plans – Complete Peace of Mind

Service Total Plans provide an enhanced level of service and support to further maximize your productivity and efficiency. Think of our Service Total Plans as a perpetual improvement process that far surpasses a simple maintenance visit.

With the Service Total Plan You Get:

  • Peace of mind: Our comprehensive service programs include preventive maintenance visits, expert technical assistance, and any repair costs so you can focus on your work.
  • Preferred status: Service total plan customers get priority scheduling for site visits and repairs, allowing you to get back to your important cellular analysis. Minimal downtime: Although our guava systems are highly robust and reliable, keep your research on track with unlimited, fast repairs when needed. We’ll even ship and install a loaner system for you in the event that a repair infringes on your work.
  • Reduce hassle and costs of maintenance. Merck service plans do not require any additional purchase orders. If your concern can not be addressed by our technical support team over the phone, simply give us your service plan number, and we will schedule an immediate visit from a service engineer.
  • Application support: The combined expertise of guava, Upstate®, Chemicon®, Linco® and Merck enables our technical support team to answer questions beyond hardware and software and help with your challenging cellular analysis questions.

Preventative Maintenance Plans – Cost-Effective Coverage

Service Essential Plans are an excellent and cost-effective way to extend the life of your guava system. Highly trained field service engineers will perform a thorough, annual, preventative maintenance inspection, carefully checking each component. Repairs and replacement of parts are not covered under the Service Essential Plan. Please refer to the Service Total Plan for all inclusive coverage. You’ll also enjoy unlimited access to Merck's highly acclaimed technical support throughout the year.

To find out which service plan is right for you, please contact Technical Support.

Instrument Technical Support

In addition to service support, our worldwide technical support team is available by email or telephone. Their combined expertise in our bioscience products enables these specialists to answer questions beyond hardware and software, to help address your challenging cellular analysis needs. If your concern cannot be addressed by our technical support team over the phone, simply give us your service plan number and we will schedule an immediate visit from a service engineer or applications specialist.

The instrument user guides provides a wealth of information on correct instrument operation & troubleshooting, as well as system maintenance. The detailed guide also provides step-by-step instructions on how to use GuavaSoft™ software, for sample acquisition and analysis.

Key Accessories for Guava® easyCyte HT and Guava® easyCyte Single Loader Instruments

DescriptionInstrument type
guava easyCheck Kit (100 tests) easyCyte™ & easyCyte™ HT series
Guava ICF (Instrument Cleaning Fluid ([100mL])) easyCyte™ & easyCyte™ HT series
waste vial easyCyte™ & easyCyte™ HT series
waste vial cap easyCyte™ & easyCyte™ HT series
flow cell easyCyte™ HT series easyCyte™ HT series
flow cell easyCyte™ series easyCyte™ series
flow cell removal/tightening tool easyCyte™ & easyCyte™ HT series
syringe assembly cleaning tool easyCyte & easyCyte HT series
instrument shipping box easyCyte™ HT series easyCyte™ HT series
instrument shipping box easyCyte™ series easyCyte™ series
sample tube holder, titer tubes easyCyte™ series
sample tube holder, 1.5mL microcentrifuge tubes easyCyte™ series

* Flow Cells for newer Guava® easyCyte systems now include MinStac tubing. Please review the Flow Cell product insert guide for correct installation instructions.

For a list of approved microplates, please refer to our microplate compatibility guide.

Product Relocation and Installation

If the instrument needs to be moved to a new location in the lab area or building, always use two people to lift and a sturdy transport such as a cart. If a longer distance move requiring packup is required, contact Merck. A Relocation and Installation service is available for a fee. Call technical support for more information.