Cancer Biomarker Assays Using Luminex® Technology

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Induction of receptor tyrosine kinase signaling by sera isolated from patients with lung adenocarcinoma

Speakers: Dr. Jeffrey A. Borgia, Department of Pathology, Department of Cell and Molecular Medicine, Rush University Medical Center; and Dr. Wen-Rong Lie, Principal Scientist, Merck

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Dr. Jeffery A. Borgia, Professor of Pathology and Biochemistry in the Thoracic-Oncology Research Group, Rush University Medical Center
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For cancer biomarker detection, count on flexible, consistent MILLIPLEX® MAP multiplex assay panels using trusted Luminex xMAP® technology.

Biomarker Detection in Cancer Research

A tumor marker, or “biomarker,” is a molecular entity whose relative quantity or localization is different between tumor-bearing and non-tumor-bearing subjects. Cancer biomarker detection is important — not only for therapeutic use, but also because they can be used to decipher the signaling pathways underlying both normal and diseased cellular processes.

Bring Your Cancer Biomarkers to Life with MILLIPLEX® MAP Multiplex Assays

Detection of isolated protein biomarkers is often inadequate to distinguish tumor from non-tumor. Multiplexed detection of both intracellular and circulating cancer markers can accelerate studies of normal homeostasis and tumorigenic processes, as long as your assays exhibit accuracy and lot-to-lot consistency.

Using the bead-based Luminex xMAP® platform, our MILLIPLEX® MAP cancer portfolio provides a broad offering of multiplexed cancer marker assays, compatible with serum, plasma, tissues, cultured cells, and other biological samples.

Our analytically validated kits and assays enable you to measure specific proteins in cancer research areas.

Some examples of the multiplex assay analytes in our portfolio are listed below. Download the Analyte Quarterly brochure for a complete, updated list of assays.

Circulating Tumor Markers*:

CD80/B7-1 HVEM TIM-3
*Selected analytes shown

Circulating Tumor Markers*:

AFP CA-125 Leptin
TRAIL PSA Osteopontin
Antithrombin III Vitamin D binding protein Ferritin
Galectin 3 Myeloperoxidase (MPO) IGFBP3
*Selected analytes shown


Angiopoietin-2 Follistatin BMP9
EGF Endoglin HGF
sHER2 sNeuropilin-1 VEGF-C
VEGF-D Endothelin-1 Thrombospondin-2
*Selected analytes shown


NSE Periostin TWEAK
OPG Osteonectin GDF15
*Selected analytes shown

To expand the power of your cancer research, we also offer Luminex® multiplex assays for:

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