Services for Small Molecule Pharmaceuticals

Custom Synthesis

Developing a new pharmaceutical drug is a complex and challenging process. Merck offers you specific expertise and equipment in a number of fields, backed up by a complete matrix of production technologies capable of fulfilling more than 95 percent of all common chemical reactions.

Customized Formulation

In today’s world of pharmaceutical development, the need for multifunctional excipients is at an all-time high.

Benefit from an optimum formulation with respect to the desired bioavailability of the active ingredient.

Customized Packaging

In recent years, the number of requests and demand for customized packaging has been growing. We have been working to meet these new requests, and now offer suitable filling equipment and the expertise needed to meet specific customer wishes.

Custom Made Drug Delivery Compounds

Merck provides also custom made Drug Delivery Compounds in GMP quality to the pharmaceutical industry for use in clinical trial and commercial product applications.

Clean Room Packaging

Customer demands and legal requirements are constantly rising – for packaging of raw materials as well as adjuvants.
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