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Beyond “Fit for Purpose” Biomarker Immunoassays

It’s exciting when you’ve come close to linking a protein biomarker to a complex biological process or disease. But what assay platform should you choose?

Whether you need ultrasensitive detection from an SMC™ assay, robust ELISAs, or rich multiplex profiling data using Luminex® xMAP® technology, we help you get data you can trust out of each sample, with minimal repetition, so you can make the best next-step decisions.

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Choose the Protein Detection Platform That Best Meets Your Needs:

Luminex® Platform
Luminex platform
Multiplex Detection
Measure multiple protein biomarkers simultaneously in each sample using this trusted, widely used platform for biomarker screening and protein analysis. Not only do we distribute Luminex® instruments, accessories and software, but also our portfolio of MILLIPLEX® MAP kits represents the broadest available selection of unique analytes.
Fit for Purpose: Multiplex detection; flexible platform
Quantitative: Yes
Sensitivity: pg
Sample Volume: ~25 μL
Dynamic Range: Superior performance
Multiplex Capability: Recommended
Custom Assay Support: Yes

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Widely Cited
Quantify critical targets with ELISAs that combine the specificity of antibodies with the sensitivity of simple enzyme assays. 

Our manufacturing of highly validated, preconfigured ELISAs and RIAs is the gold standard, giving you the same accuracy and precision in every lot, backed by the same, unwavering technical support.

SMC™ Platform

Previously undetectable protein levels are quantifiable using Single Molecule Counting (SMC™) technology.

Use our SMCxPRO™ instrument and SMC™ assays for ultrasensitive protein detection to measure concentrations down to the femtogram/mL level.

Fit for Purpose: Plate reader compatibility; Most widely used
Quantitative: Yes
Sensitivity: pg
Sample Volume: 50-100 μL
Dynamic Range: Good performance
Multiplex Capability: Not recommended
Custom Assay Support: Yes

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Fit for Purpose: Ultrasensitivity; high performance
Quantitative: Yes
Sensitivity: fg
Sample Volume: 5 -100 μL
Dynamic Range: Superior performance
Multiplex Capability: Not recommended
Custom Assay Support: Yes

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Get started now! Not only will we help you choose the right platform and assay to meet your needs today, but we'll also partner with you to develop new commercial assays and/or tailored custom assays to meet those needs in the future - without ever compromising on quality.

What Are Your Assay Requirements? Allow Them to Guide You in Choosing a Platform.

a. Multiplex capability: Plex size needed
b. Sensitivity
c. Precision (inter- or intra-assay coefficient of variation %CV)
d. Number of samples per assay (throughput)
e. Sample volume available

Inquire about Custom Assay Development Services
  • Combine existing assays from our broadest collection of analytes available.
  • Receive complete protocols, analytical validation and all the reagents you need in a single kit.
  • Got an antibody? We can conjugate it and validate for your platform of choice.
  • No antibody yet? We’ll develop one for you.
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How to Cite Our Products in Your Paper

Ready to publish?
We’re happy you’ve used our products to help you move forward in your research!

Research and discovery can move very quickly, and to ensure that others can reproduce and build upon the work that you are about to publish, we want to help you cite our products properly.

How to Cite MILLIPLEX® MAP, ELISA, RIA, or SMC™ Assay kits

  • If you’re based in the USA or Canada, state MilliporeSigma as the source of your assay
  • If you’re based anywhere in the world besides the USA or Canada, state Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany, as the source of your assay
  • Include the Catalog Number
    • If you used a MILLIPLEX® MAP kit, also list the analytes you used from the kit
  • Include the species of samples you used, and how you diluted your samples