Small Molecule Pharmaceuticals

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High-Quality Products and Services for Small Molecules

Developing a new pharmaceutical drug is a complex and challenging process. As the leader in high-quality products and services for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, we offer everything you need to optimize development and reduce time to market for your therapeutic small molecules.

And with our comprehensive EMPROVE® dossiers we provide detailed, usage-specific documentation for more than 400 pharma raw materials that includes information on manufacturing, test methods, purity and stability data, helping you to successfully navigate regulatory challenges to the release of your small molecules.
  • A continually updated portfolio for evolving markets and regulatory requirements
  • A wide range of customer-centric services
  • Tailor-made production quantities on a global scale
  • Expertise and state-of-the-art equipment backed by a complete matrix of production technologies capable of fulfilling more than 95% of all common chemical reactions
  • Full service throughout the entire development chain supporting you in chemical as well as regulatory aspects
  • cGMP-certified and FDA-inspected development and production sites

News Releases

21 Mar 2017
Merck Introduces Mobius® MyWay Portfolio for Customized Single-Use Assemblies

Merck today launched the Mobius® MyWay portfolio, a program that allows more flexibility, better supply predictability and shorter lead times for more efficient and safer drug manufacture.

20170321 Small Molecule Pharmaceuticals,Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing
10 Jan 2017
Merck Expands End-to-End Biodevelopment Centers in North America, China and Europe

Merck today announced the expansion of its end-to-end biodevelopment centers to meet increasing customer demand for its turnkey portfolio of bioprocessing products, manufacturing capabilities and industry leading technological expertise.

04 Jan 2017
Merck Acquires BioControl to Strengthen Position in Food Safety Testing

Merck today announced it has acquired BioControl Systems Inc., a global leader in food safety testing.

18 Jan 2017
Merck Launches First Commercial Screening Service to Predict Multiple Sources of DNA Damage

Merck has introduced CAN MultiFlow™ screening services to more accurately predict genotoxic and mode of action* properties of substances, ingredients and drug compounds

17 Jan 2017
Merck Opens Production Facility Exclusively for Meglumine in Spain

Merck today announced the opening of a facility in Mollet des Vallès, Spain dedicated to the manufacture of meglumine, an FDA-approved excipient for pharmaceuticals and a component of medical imaging contrast media.

20170117 Small Molecule Pharmaceuticals,Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing
05 Dec 2016
Merck to Provide Provantage® End-to-End Services to Acticor Biotech SAS

Merck today announced that it will provide its Provantage® End-to-End services to Acticor Biotech SAS for accelerated development and manufacturing of Acticor’s antibody fragment used for the primary treatment of ischemic stroke.

20161205 Small Molecule Pharmaceuticals,Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing
02 Dec 2016
Merck Launches Parteck® MXP Excipient for Increased Solubility

Merck today introduced Parteck® MXP, a polyvinyl alcohol-based excipient that enhances solubility of a wide range of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) with poor bioavailability.

20161202 Small Molecule Pharmaceuticals,Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing
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