Certipur® Certified Single-Element Standards for Ion Chromatography

Within its Certipur® range of certified reference materials, Merck offers a wide range of single-element standards especially designed for instrument calibration in ion-exchange chromatography (IC) applications, e.g. for environmental or food analysis and quality control.

Our Certipur® single-element standards for ion chromatography are available as both ready-to-use calibration solutions and concentrates. All our Certipur® IC standards – with the exception of fluoride – are traceable to primary standard reference materials from NIST. With Merck’s Certipur® CRMs for ion chromatography, you benefit from easy handling and precise, reliable analytical results.

Catalog Number Catalog Name
109869 Fluorid, štandardný roztok
119896 Bromid, štandardný roztok
119899 Dusitan, štandardný roztok
119533 Kyanid, štandardný roztok
109866 Dusitan, štandardný roztok
119898 Fosforečnan, štandardný roztok
109870 Fosforečnan, štandard
119812 Amoniak, štandardný roztok
109872 Síran, štandardný roztok 1000 mg SO₄²⁻
119814 Fluorid, štandardný roztok
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