Certipur® Reference Materials for UV/VIS Spectroscopy

Norms and regulations such as Ph Eur, USP, GLP, GMP or DIN EN ISO 9001 demand that UV/VIS spectrometers must be checked for correctness and uniformity of results and function on a regular basis. Merck offers high-quality Certipur® UV-VIS standards for testing absorbance, stray light, spectral resolution power and wavelength accuracy according to Ph Eur. Certipur® UV-VIS standards are supplied as stable, ready-to-use solutions in glass ampoules.

Catalog Number Catalog Name
108164 UV-VIS štandard 4: roztok chloridu draselného
104660 UV-VIS Standard 1a: roztok dvojchrómanu draselného (600 mg/l)
108160 UV-VIS štandard 1: roztok dvojchrómanu draselného
108166 UV-VIS štandard 6, roztok oxidu holmitého
108165 UV-VIS štandard 5: roztok toluénu v n-hexáne
108161 UV-VIS štandard 2: roztok dusitanu sodného
108163 UV-VIS štandard 3: roztok jodidu sodného
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