Dual Certified Quality

Certified Reference Materials for Conductivity Measurement

Merck offers a distinguished range of Certipur® conductivity standards for reliably calibrating your conductivity meters. The certified quality of our conductivity measurement reference materials helps you to achieve precise analytical results: Our laboratory for conductivity measurement operates a comprehensive quality management system with dual accreditation in accordance with DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025 and with ISO Guide 34.

Certipur® conductivity standards are suitable for extremely precise calibration, qualifying and monitoring of your conductivity measurement instruments. Our certified secondary reference materials are measured against our own primary reference standards certified by PTB in Brunswick, the German metrological institute, and against international conductivity standards from NIST (U.S.). Both traceability procedures are documented in a comprehensive, batch-specific Certificate of Analysis.

Catalog Number Catalog Name
101254 Chlorid draselný, roztok (nominálne 12,8 mS/cm)
101557 Chlorid draselný, roztok (nominálne 0,147 mS/cm)
101810 Voda na meranie vodivosti (nominálne 0 mS/cm)
101811 Chlorid draselný, roztok (nominálne 0,015 mS/cm)
101255 Chlorid draselný, roztok (nominálne 111 mS/cm)
101203 Chlorid draselný, roztok (nominálne 1,41 mS/cm)
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