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Sterikon® plus Bioindicator

Testing the Effectiveness of Your Autoclaving Process

Merck’s Sterikon® plus Bioindicator is a complete and easy-to-use tool to test whether your autoclave’s sterilization process has been successful. Steam sterilization is used to prevent contamination and is essential for cGMP & cGLP operations. But your eyes can’t see whether your process was successful. Sterikon® plus Bioindicator can.

Sterikon® plus Bioindicator is fully compliant with EP and USP standards and consists of ampoules that contain everything that’s required: nutrient broth, sugar, pH indicator and nonpathogenic bacterial spores. The ampoules display vibrant, color-coded results after autoclaving and incubation: red-violet indicates successful sterilization, whereas yellow-orange warns of an inadequate procedure – and signaling that you should take corrective measures.

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An Effective Tool for Testing Sterilization Process Reliability
  • Easy to use: Simply autoclave, incubate and read results
  • Vibrant colors: Red-violet indicates adequate sterilization; yellow-orange indicates inadequate sterilization
  • Complete solution: The ampoules contain everything you need for the test
  • Reliable results: Fully compliant with EP and USP guidelines
  • Safe handling: Nonpathogenic bacterial spores contained in secure, high-quality ampoules
Sterikon® plus Bioindicator

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