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RO Water Purification Systems

RiOs™ systems are ideal for laboratories needing a reliable, constant production of Reverse Osmosis (RO) type 3 water.

RiOs™ Essential

RiOs™ Essential System
  • RO water from tap
  • Intelligent RO technology

Milli-Q® HR 7000

Milli-Q® HR 7000
  • Reverse osmosis water from tap, up to 13000 L daily
  • Superior communication interface
  • Advanced RO technology and new ERA™ water-saving technologies
  • Large laboratory or lab building needs
  • Brochure
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Milli-Q® Services for your water purification system

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Milli-Q® Services for your water purification system

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Elix® High-Throughput Water Purification Systems

Connected, flexible remote monitoring

Discover the Milli-Q® HX 7000 Series of High-Throughput systems

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