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Quality and purity where it matters most

Enteral NutritionWhen it comes to long-term enteral nutrition of hospital patients, quality and purity are paramount. As the health of these patients is already compromised, the mineral salts they receive must not contain impurities that could weaken them further – especially as patients receive these salts in relatively high amounts. EMD Millipore provides a comprehensive portfolio of high quality mineral salts to manufacturers of enteral nutrition.

The benefits to you:
  • a comprehensive portfolio
  • high quality
  • low heavy metal content
  • extensive EMPROVE® documentation including impurity profiles
All salts are available in custom packaging as well as pre-packs, ranging in sizes of grams up to tons. This unrivalled portfolio in terms of documentation and flexibility makes EMD Millipore a first-choice supplier of raw materials for the manufacture of enteral nutrition products. Further benefits to customers include optional premixture production in GMP-compliant facilities and tailored raw material production using process-optimized quantities and container sizes.

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