ImageStream®X Mark II Imaging Flow Cytometer – AutoSampler

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AutoSampler for Multiwell Plates

AutoSampler for Multiwell Plates

The AutoSampler option for the ImageStream®X Mark II imaging flow cytometer enhances productivity with unattended sample loading from multiwell plates. The fully integrated AutoSampler option allows you to easily perform dose response and time course studies even in primary samples, thanks to the ImageStream®XMark II Imaging Flow Cytometer’s capacity for imaging large numbers of cells from each sample.

Features and Benefits 

  • Ideal for high throughput analysis of suspended cells
  • Easy-to-use acquisition templates allow multiple experiments per plate 
  • Unattended operation and in-line bubble detection for robust operation 
  • Automatic process logging and error notification 
  • Automatic sipper rinse between samples and <0.5% carryover
  • Automatic sample resuspension via aspiration
  • Advanced template function allows groups of wells to be defined for flexible plate configuration
  • Automated data analysis
  • Field installable by certified technicians