ImageStream®X Mark II Imaging Flow Cytometer —
Extended Depth of Field

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Merck:/Freestyle/BI-Bioscience/Cell-Analysis/amnis/Amins2-images/graphic_edf.jpgA unique optical system upgrade for the ImageStream®cytometer keeps the depth of cell in focus without loss of fluorescence sensitivity. Now you can image FISH spots or other sub-cellular features no matter where they lie in the cell.

Image More of the Cell in Focus

The extended depth of field (EDF™) option for Amnis® imaging flow cytometry system incorporates Wavefront Coding™ technology from CDM Optics, which is a combination of specialized optics and unique image processing algorithms, to project more structures within the cell into one crisp plane of focus.

EDF™ technology dramatically extends the depth of field, enabling new applications and improving the performance of existing applications – especially spot counting applications such as FISH, autophagy, and nuclear translocation.
  • Upgrade EDF™ package includes specialized optics + image processing algorithms
  • Projects all features of a cell into a single plane of focus 
  • Enables precise analysis of fluorescence in situ hybridization in suspension (FISHIS)