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Additives and Auxiliary Agents

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115931 Acridine orange zinc chloride double salt (C.I.46005)  for microscopy Certistain®
100846 Adonitol  for microbiology
101492 L(+)-Arabinose  for microbiology
101301 Auramine O (C.I. 41000)  for microscopy
109211 Azure II (C.I.52010/52015)  for microscopy
110649 Bacillus subtilis (BGA) spore suspension  for inhibitor test
101310 Brilliant green (hydrogen sulfate) (C.I. 42040)  for microbiology
103025 Bromocresol purple  indicator ACS,Reag. Ph Eur
103026 Bromothymol blue  indicator ACS,Reag. Ph Eur
115940 Crystal violet (C.I. 42555)  for microscopy Certistain®
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