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APC ErgoTouch Airborne Particle Counter and Accessories

Products in this category:
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144179 APC Compressed Gas Adapter  942675 (APC series)
144126 APC ErgoTouch  942500
144143 Barbed Tubing Inlet  191824 (APC ErgoTouch Pro/APC ErgoTouch)
144130 Carrying Case  942520 ET
144095 Filter Scanning Probe, 0.1 CFM  191520 (APC ErgoTouch Pro/APC ErgoTouch/APC Handheld)
144159 Isokinetic Probe  942602 (APC ErgoTouch Pro/APC ErgoTouch)
144128 Lithium-ion Battery  942511 ET
144180 Nozzle Set Compressed Gas Adapter, 0.1 CFM  942680 (APC ErgoTouch Pro/APC ErgoTouch)
144129 Power Supply  942512 ET
144157 Purge Filter  942601 (APC ErgoTouch Pro/APC ErgoTouch)
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