Novabiochem Product Number Change

Based upon an upgrade of our internal data management systems, we will be changing the product numbers of the whole Novabiochem® range effective from 6th January 2010.

The new product number structure is aligned with the numbers used within the wider Merck group. The main benefits of the new product numbers are:

  • Harmonized product numbers of all Merck products for peptide synthesis.
  • Enriched online data & documentation for all Novabiochem® products.

To facilitate this change, the new Novabiochem® catalog 2010/2011 contains both old and new product numbers; all documents and information currently available via the Novabiochem® web site will be accessible under the corresponding new product numbers.

For the transition phase during 2010, the Novabiochem® e-shop and web site will be able to handle both old and new numbers, and a cross-reference list will be available both in the new catalogue as well as via the Novabiochem® web site.

If you have any other questions about this change, please contact us or read our FAQs.

Download old-to-new product number cross reference list.

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