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Cellorama – Merck‘s magazine for microbiology


Cellorama is a special magazine on microscopy, reporting on new products and product developments, as well as providing technical information along with troubleshooting tips and other topics of interest for users in hematological, cytological and histological laboratories.

Current issue 1.13

Selection of  our Topics:

  • Neo-Mount™ in a new dropper bottle – quicker processing of instantaneous sections
  • ISOSLIDE® control slides – Quality assurance in histology
  • Convenience and the full choice with ready-to-use kits and solutions
  • Sangodiff® G – The innovative alternative to staining solutions
 cellorama 1.13
Previous issues

cellorama 1.12

  • Concise information on new introductions in histology: DPX new and new packaging sizes for reagents
  • Technical advice for stable, reproducible staining results in hematology
  • Information on progressive and regressive Papanicolaou's stains in cytology
 cellorama 1.12

cellorama 1.11

  • Product introduction in Histology:
    • Silver staining kit acc. to von Kossa 
    • ISOSLIDE® control slides 
  • Silver staining kit acc. to von Kossa: Kit with ready-to-use solutions for the detection of calcium in paraffin sections
  • ISOSLIDE® control slides containing reference tissue for the detection of reticular fibers in histology
  • Trouble-shooting for Congo red staining acc. to Highman and Schiff’s reagent
cellorama 1.11

cellorama 2.10

  • Ready-to-use kit: Reticulin silver plating kit acc. to  Gordon & Sweets for detection of reticular fibers in paraffin sections
  • Histology: example for the appropriate way of assuring qualified diagnosis is the participation in external multicenter studies
  • H&E staining: ready-to-use staining solutions are available for nuclear and cytoplasmic staining
cellorama 2.10

cellorama 1.10

  • Histology: New – Van Gieson’s picrofuchsin solution
  • Histology / Bacteriology: Detection of fungi using stains/staining reactions
  • Histology: New – Nuclear fast red-aluminum sulfate solution 0.1 % for microscopy
cellorama 1.10

cellorama 1.09

  • Histology: New – Eosin Y solution 0,5% alcoholic
  • Hematology / Bacteriology: High-magnification microscopy with immersion oil
  • Cytology: CE-certified pH indicator strips for human urine
cellorama 1.09

cellorama 1.08

  • Histology: Warthin-Starry silver plating kit modified
  • Hematology / Histology: Giemsa staining
  • Bacteriology: Staining fungi with lactophenol blue solution – one-step staining
cellorama 1.08

cellorama 1.07

  • Histology: Congo red staining methods for detection of amyloid
  • Bacteriology: Certistain® – new classification for crystal violet (C.I. 42555) for microscopy
  • Histology: Formaldehyde for fixing tissue with a stabilized formaldeyde stock solution and buffered formaldehyde working solutions
cellorama 1.07

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