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Spectroquant® - Analytical Quality Assurance

Start-to-finish quality-assurance measures ensure that your measurement results count as secure and reproducible analytical results. What’s more, the Spectroquant® NOVA and Pharo photometers support you in ensuring GLP-compliant operations. The components of our professional AQA concept are established media for your Internal Quality Control (IQC) activities, such as those required e.g. in the A704 official memorandum of the “Abwassertechnische Vereinigung“ (German Wastewater Engineering Association).

Instrumented supported AQA combines 3 essential parts of quality control to ensure correct results. All target values and tolerances are preprogrammed in the instruments. This makes your AQA checks very easy.


Spectroquant PipeCheck


Certipur ampoules with Certificate

AQA 1 - checking the photometer

In the AQA1 mode the photometer itself is monitored by means of certified color standards as well as certified UV/VIS standards.
Spectroquant® PhotoCheck is a complete set of highly stable color solutions. A check in a reference spectrophotometer – which itself is monitored using primary standards (NIST standards) – confirms that this checking medium can be traced back to international standards. Spectroquant® PhotoCheck can hence be tracked back to international standards and is thus for test-instrument checking purposes according to DIN EN ISO 9001 resp. 14001. All results can be subsequently transferred to a printer or a PC for documentation purposes.

The consistent and correct functioning of your UV/VIS spectrophotometer can be checked using the CertiPUR® standards. The CertiPUR® solutions can be used to check the following parameters as per Ph. Eur.:

  • Absorption
  • Stray light
  • Wavelength accuracy

Operations as per GLP, GMP, USP and DIN 9001 or EN 45001 demand these regular controls.


Spectroquant CombiCheck

AQA 2 - checking the complete system

In the AQA2 mode the entire system (instrument + test kit + pipette + operator) is
exhaustively monitored using certified multiparameter standards.
The multiparameter standard solutions contained in the various Spectroquant® CombiCheck packs are optimally suited for checking the overall system, from the individual test kit and the measurement instrument itself, all the way to your individual working procedures. These standards can also be directly traced back to NIST primary standards. Each CombiCheck pack contains one standard solution and one addition solution.

Our range of ready-to-use standard solutions is naturally also at your disposal. Additionally you can prepare standards for almost every parameter in any concentration you wish with the CertiPUR® standard solutions simply by making the appropriate dilution.


AQA 3 - checking the influence of the sample

Besides testing the overall system, it is also necessary to identify any measurement errors due to possible interferences within the sample. Standard addition (see also Spectroquant® CombiCheck addition solutions R-2) or dilution can be used to recognize measurement errors due to matrix effects. Any such interferences can be analyzed on the basis of the recovery rates and correspondingly rectified by taking appropriate countermeasures, such as e.g. pretreating the sample accordingly. In the Spectroquant® Pharo spectrophotometers, this function is also supported by the instrument itself (AQA-3 mark).


Spectroquant PipeCheck

Spectroquant® PipeCheck

In connection with Internal Quality Control measures (IQC) pipettes are required to be tested at regular intervals. This check is usually carried out by weighing the volume of a liquid on a calibrated precision balance. Such a balance is, however, not always readily available. With Spectroquant® PipeCheck you can check your pipettes and document the measurement results accordingly, even if you don’t have a balance.

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