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Chromolith HPLC

Chromolith® CapRod®

Characterization of Chromolith® CapRod®

Chromolith® CapRod®
The cross section shows the bimodal pore structure of Chromolith® CapRod® with macropores at ~ 2 µm (1 µm for “HighResolution” products) and mesopores at 13 nm.

The new Chromolith® CapRod® capillary column is designed for the efficient and selective separation of peptides and protein digests and is especially suited for capillary or nano-LC. Based on proprietary sol-gel technology, highly porous monolithic rods of pure silica with a unique pore structure are formed. Each column has a macropore and a mesopore structure which gives it a very high porosity. The macropores form a network of pores through which the eluent can rapidly flow, hence dramatically reducing separation time. The mesopores form the fine-pore structure of the capillary interior and create a very large surface area onto which adsorption of the target molecule can occur. The Chromolith® CapRod® analytical capillary columns are supplied complete with sleeves and standard 1/16” PEEK fittings to allow for direct coupling to a UV detector or mass spectrometer.


Specifications of Chromolith® CapRod®

Sorbent characteristics Monolithic silica gel
Column inner diameter 0.05 (50 μm), 0.1 mm (100 μm) and 0.2 mm (200 μm)
Column length 150 mm, 300 mm
Surface modification RP-8 endcapped, RP-18 endcapped
Macropore size 2 μm (1 μm for “HighResolution” products)
Mesopore size 13 nm
Surface area 300 m2/g



 Recommended use and flow rate ranges

Recommended use RP-18e
150 x 0.05
150 x 0.1
50 x 0.1
150 x 0.1
300 x 0.1
150 x 0.1
50 x 0.2
150 x 0.2
150 x 0.2
Separation of small molecules    
Separation of peptides  
Separation of proteins                
Micro ESI    
Nano ESI      
High Resolution               
Flow rates [μL/min] 0.2 - 0.8 0.4 - 3 1 - 10  0.4 - 3 0.2 - 1.5 0.1 - 0.4 10 – 50 5 – 20 0.5 - 2
Max. back-pressure [bar] 200 200  200 200 200 218 218   218 218


Separation repeatability for biological compounds

  • Excellent repeatability / reproducibility on monolithic silica capillaries
  • Long lifetime of capillary due to high mechanical stability of porous silica network
Column Chromolith® CapRod®, RP-18e 150 mm x 0.1 mm Separation example on Chromolith® CapRod® RP-18e 150x 0.1 mm
A: 2% ACN, 0.1% FA
B: 80% ACN, 0.08% FA
Gradient 2% to 40% B in 35 min
Flow rate 3 μL/min
Sample Cytochrom C digest

Ordering Information – Chromolith® CapRod®

  50 x 0.1 mm 50 x 0.2 mm 150 x 0.05 mm 150 x 0.1 mm 150 x 0.2 mm 300 x 0.1 mm
Chromolith® CapRod®
Chromolith® CapRod®
RP-8e Trap
Chromolith® CapRod®
    1.50403.0001 1.50402.0001 1.50405.0001 1.50424.0001
Chromolith® CapRod®
RP-18e HighResolution
      1.50404.0001 1.50407.0001  
Chromolith® CapRod®
RP-18e Trap
1.50426.0001 1.50409.0001        


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