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Chromolith HPLC

Chromolith® FastGradient RP-18 endcapped 50 - 2 mm HPLC columns

Chromolith® FastGradient RP-18 endcapped 50 – 2 mm HPLC column

Ultra-high performance for very fast gradient HPLC and LC/MS applications

Merck proudly presents Chromolith® FastGradient RP-18 endcapped 50 - 2 mm HPLC columns. Merck‘s revolutionary Chromolith® HPLC technology allows much higher flow rates and longer column lifetime – for more efficiency of your high performance separations and substantial cost-savings compared to conventional particle packed columns. These HPLC columns are ideally suited for very fast gradient HPLC as well as LC/MS applications.


Your benefits
  • Very high speed of analysis
  • Easy to use
  • Cost-effective
  • Long column lifetime

Innovation reloaded

Even compared to its innovative Chromolith® HPLC column colleagues, Merck’s Chromolith® FastGradient RP-18 endcapped 50 - 2 mm HPLC columns are quite unique: with its 2mm internal diameter they offer ultra-high performance combined with extraordinarily low operating pressure. Reliable results can be obtained at a very high speed with low dead volume LC instruments, whether UHPLC, UPLC™, or standard HPLC equipment are used. Our 2mm Chromolith® HPLC column is particularly recommended for very fast gradient applications in pharmaceutical R&D, chemicals, food and academic labs. Flow rates from 0.2 - 1 ml / min provide ideal compatibility with LC/MS systems, both with ESI and APCI interfaces.

Particulate columns have limitations

Conventional HPLC columns are filled with particles, typically silica with 3 or 5 micron particle size. Very small particle size facilitates high separation performance, but also involves a number of limitations: high operating pressures are required, causing high back-pressure that limits the speed of analysis as well as column length, and reduces the lifetime of the HPLC instrument and injector seal. Moreover, particulate columns can easily block, thereby increasing back-pressure and further shortening the column’s lifetime. If even smaller particles are used, the resulting ultra-high pressures require the purchase of special instruments.

Revolutionary technology: Merck Chromolith®

SEM picture of a cross section from a silica monolith – Chromolith® HPLC column

To overcome these limitations, Merck has developed a revolutionary technology: Chromolith® HPLC columns are not filled with minute silica particles but consist of a single rod of high-purity monolithic silica. Chromolith® silica has a porosity exceeding 80 % and a unique bimodal pore structure, enabling greatly improved chromatographic performance. Macropores dramatically reduce column back-pressure and allow faster flow rates. Mesopores form the fine porous structure and provide a very large active surface area for high efficiency separations.



The results are outstanding:

  • Very low back-pressure: When compared to 3 micron particulate columns of the same length, the column back-pressure with Chromolith® FastGradient RP-18 endcapped 50 - 2 mm HPLC columns is typically 3 times lower – with equivalent performance and peak resolution.
  • Highest Speed of analysis: Compared to 3 micron particle columns, separations can be performed three times faster at the same column back-pressure. 
  • Long lifetime and immense robustness: All monolithic Chromolith® HPLC columns demonstrate very high mechanical stability and long operative lifetimes, in most cases far exceeding those of particulate columns.
  • Improved HPLC system security: Using monolithic Chromolith® HPLC columns also reduces maintenance on HPLC pump and injector seals as well as the need for sample preparation as our columns are very resistant to blocking even with biological samples.

Based on Merck’s revolutionary Chromolith® technology of monolithic HPLC columns, the new Chromolith® FastGradient RP-18 endcapped 50 - 2 mm is your perfect choice for very fast gradient HPLC as well as LC/MS applications.


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