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Spectroquant - Photometers and Accessories

From simple pocket instruments all the way to powerful lab-bench photometers – our product range offers you the appropriate measurement instrument for every area of application. Merck Millipore’s Spectroquant® colorimeters and photometers combine high measurement quality with simple handling. In combination with our consistent analytical quality assurance (AQA) process, they give you the sense of security you need in your operations. You may download new methods effortlessly via our method updates.

Spectroquant® Picco Colorimeters

Spectroquant Colorimeter Picco

If you need to determine just one or two parameters, then the Picco colorimeter is the instrument of choice for you. Spectroquant® Picco colorimeters are extremely easy to operate and are preprogrammed for the use of Spectroquant® test kits. You can choose between ready-to-use cell tests and inexpensive reagent tests. Every stage of the working procedure is described in an easy-to-understand manner, so that even untrained staff can operate Spectroquant® Picco instruments without any problem.

Spectroquant® Multy Colorimeter

Spectroquant Colorimeter Multy

Spectroquant® Multy Colorimeter is mobile, inexpensive and an all-around solution for photometric water analysis. Over 120 methods on the basis of the established Spectroquant® test kits cover all essential parameters in the field of drinking water and wastewater analysis. The included rechargeable batteries and the practical carry case enable the instrument to be used anywhere, anytime. Thanks to the battery-charging feature integrated in the instrument, the batteries can be recharged while the device is running on AC power. The connection port for an optional printer or PC also makes it possible to transmit sets of measurement data and to download new methods effortlessly from the Internet.

Spectroquant® NOVA series

NOVA 30 and NOVA 60

The outstanding feature of the Spectroquant® NOVA range of photometers is their high measurement quality coupled with simple handling and start-to-finish AQA. The instruments are compact, robust and – in the case of the 30A and 60A versions – mobile, too. A characteristic aspect of the NOVA series is the comfortable barcode reading system for cell and reagent tests, which means that you no longer need to manually enter data for the respective method. The instruments also automatically recognize the cell format being used and deliver the measurement results in a matter of seconds. They support consistent AQA, enhancing the integrity of your data and the reliability of your results.

Spectroquant® NOVA 30A

The Spectroquant® NOVA 30A, the basic instrument for comfortable wastewater analysis and is capable of running all important cell tests for wastewater analysis.

Spectroquant® NOVA 60 and 60 A

The Spectroquant® NOVA 60 is an instrument for the routine analysis of all water types and is capable of measuring both the ready-to-use cell tests as well as inexpensive reagent tests. Over 150 test kits with different measuring ranges and practically relevant citation forms make the NOVA 60 a photometer with a universal range of applications. Furthermore, the instrument can store up to 50 user-defined methods.

The Spectroquant® NOVA 60A can also be used as a mobile analysis station.

Spectroquant® Pharo series

Spectroquant Pharo 100

The new Spectroquant® Pharo spectrophotometers combine the advantages of a system photometer - such as test kits optimally adapted to the instrument - with those of a spectrophotometer. No matter whether you wish to programme your own methods, record spectra or kinetic profiles, or make multi-wavelength measurements - here everything is right at your fingertips. In addition you can make use of all the advantages of the instrument-supported Analytical Quality Assurance (AQA) and the bar-code scanning system for both cell and reagent tests. The adapterless, automatic identification of all types and formats of cells, and also the intuitive menu interface and the large-format display make the instrument's operation child's play. USB and RS-232 interfaces enable the simple transfer of data to printers, PCs or in wireless mode to a USB stick. The Pharo spectrophotometers also support the user in ensuring GLP-compliant operations.

Pharo 100

The Spectroquant® Pharo 100 spectrophotometer with a wavelength spectrum from 320 to 1100 nm is well suited for all routine measurements as well as for individual use in the VIS range.

Pharo 300

All functions of the Spectroquant® Pharo 100 plus an additional wavelength spectrum from 190 to 1100 nm make the Spectroquant® Pharo 300 an instrument with a virtually limitless range of applications, enabling to carry out all your measurements with ease and comfortably.

Photometer accessories

We offer you useful accessories – including the convenient Multi-Achat II software for transmitting results to PC, a case, PC cables, halogen lamps and measuring cells.


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