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Spectroquant® Pharo software beer analysis

Spectroquant® Pharo software “Analysis methods for the brewery industry” for comprehensive beer analysis now available from Merck Millipore


Setting the standard for the brewery industry, Merck Millipore offers a comprehensive range of 21 methods for analysis throughout the beer brewing process. The new Spectroquant® Pharo software package, “Analysis methods for the brewery industry”, provides complete beer analysis – from raw materials to finished product.

Users of the Spectroquant® Pharo spectrophotometer have over 170 methods to choose from for analyzing parameters critical to the success of beer production. In addition, the Spectroquant® test kits streamline the efficiency and increase the accuracy of the control process. You can depend on the support of high quality analytical data provided by the Spectroquant® Pharo system, leaving you to focus on brewing great beer.


What’s in the new software?
Test methods for the analysis of beer and wort according to MEBAK or EBC methods:
  • Bitterness
  • Flavanoids
  • Free Amino Nitrogen
  • Total Carbohydrates
  • Iso-α Acids and more...



Easy installation for a quick start

The supplementary software package comes on an USB stick along with a comprehensive manual in German and English as a pdf file. Just plug the USB stick into your Spectroquant® Pharo 300 spectrophotometer, download the software and your instrument is calibrated and ready to perform all 21 test methods.

The test procedures follow the MEBAK or EBC methods and are described in the accompanying manual. Users are guided step-by-step through reagent preparation, sample processing and analysis. Merck Millipore has also included information about test solution stability and storage, that can’t be found in the standard MEBAK method description, to further support the success of your analysis.

The new software increases the power of your Spectroquant® Pharo spectrophotometer to deliver the critical information you need to optimize your beer production.

Spectroquant® Test kits for increased efficiency & accuracy
Produced under stringent quality standards, the Spectroquant® test kits minimize inconclusive results. Paired with the new software driving your Spectroquant® Pharo spectrophotometer, your beer analysis reaches a new level of sophistication giving you the advantage over your competition.

Learn more about how these kits can transform your beer production by clicking on the kit names below:

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