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Labmail – Merck Millipore‘s magazine for laboratory work


Labmail provides news and trends in analytical tests and reagents that are required for research, in-process controls and quality controls of end products. The magazine will interest anyone working for an analytical laboratory in the food and beverage, chemical pharmaceutical or wastewater industry, or in the academia, such as universities.

Current issue 2.13

Selection of our Topics:

  • New Spectroquant® Move 100 mobile colorimeter
  • New buffer solutions measured at 25 °C
  • Kryptofix and Crown Ethers
  • Out now: ChromBook App for tablet devices

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Previous issues

Labmail 1.13

  • New water and food analytics film
  • New Certipur® Volumetric Standard
  • Hot stuff: SeQuant® ZIC®-cHILIC
  • Novabiochem: stunning specs

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labmail 1.13

Labmail 2.12

  • Spectroquant® test kits for COD analysis
  • A new name for quality: EMSURE®
  • Get protected: fresh lab safety video
  • Experience our new website

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labmail 2.12

Labmail 1.12

  • Certipur® buffers for pH measurement
  • New Chromolith® HighResolution HPLC columns
  • Heipha/Hycon now available from Merck Millipore
  • Merck Millipore Organics & Peptides in a nutshell

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labmail 1.12

Labmail 1.11

  • Merck Millipore News
  • Spectroquant® liquid chlorine test
  • Application support for HPLC
  • GHS labeling kits
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labmail 1.11

Labmail 2.10

  • Nurturing nature: Merck and UNESCO – Making a difference
  • Weighing up the benefits: Lightweight HDPE bottles for solvents and acids
  • Safe, safer, Spectroquant®: Convenient photometric system for drinking water analysis

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labmail 2.10 

Labmail 1.10

  • The science of safety: Minimizing BSE risk in culture media
  • The bigger picture: A holistic approach to safety and the environment
  • Detection for protection: New solvent Diethyl ether SupraSolv® for gas chromatography with GC-ECD

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labmail 1.10

Labmail 3.09

  • Finding the right solution: EMSURE™, EMPARTA® and EMPLURA® cleaning solvents
  • Managing the unexpected: How teamwork and integrity saved the day
  • Grasping the benefits: New screw caps for Spectroquant® cell tests

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labmail 3.09

Labmail 2.09

  • Show your true colors: With MQuant Glucose test strips
  • Quenching the thirst for quality: Our Brewery Campaign Pack goes down well with discerning consumers
  • Dioxin alarm: Merck solvents give you the solution

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labmail 2.09

Labmail 1.09

  • Closing the gap in HPLC with ZIC-HILIC® columns
  • A visible improvement: Why the new EU GHS Regulation is improving safety
  • Everything you‘ll ever need: One-stop solutions for your PCR testing requirements

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labmail 1.09

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