CBA074  c-Kit ELISA Kit

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24 April 2014

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Detects and quantifies the level of c-Kit protein independent of its phosphorylation state in human cells. c-Kit is a member of the receptor tyrosine kinase subfamily that includes PDGF, CSF-1, and FLT-3/flk-2 receptors. It plays a critical role in controlling a variety of cellular functions in hematopoietic stem cells, mast cells, melanocytes, and germ cells.
Product information
Format 96-well plate
Form 96 Tests
Detection method Colorimetric
Species reactivity human, not mouse, not rat
Sensitivity < 15 pg/ml
Assay range 19.5 - 1250 pg/ml
Assay time 4 h
Sample type Cell lysate
Kit contains c-Kit Standard, Standard Diluent Buffer, c-Kit Antibody-Coated 96-Well Plate, Rabbit Anti-c-Kit Detector Antibody, Anti-Rabbit IgG-HRP Concentrate, HRP Diluent, Wash Buffer Concentrate, TMB, Stop Solution, Plate Covers and a user protocol.
Store and ship information
Storage +2°C to +8°C
Ship Blue Ice Only
Multiple Toxicity Values, refer to MSDS
Canadian export regulations Due to the country and/or U.S. state of origin of the animal material used in this product, this product may not be exported to Canada.

The sensitivity of this ELISA was compared to immunoblotting using known quantities of c-Kit. The data show that the sensitivity of the ELISA is approximately 4X greater than that of immunoblotting. The bands shown in the immunoblot data were developed using a rabbit anti-c-Kit antibody and chemiluminescent detection.

Mo7e cells were treated with Stem Cell Factor (SCF) at varying concentrations (1 to 100 ng/ml) for 10 min, lysed, and quantitated in parallel for total c-Kit and c-Kit (pTyr823) expression. The amount of total c-Kit remains relatively constant, while the level of phosphorylation at Tyr823 increases with the dose of SCF. The results correlate very well with immunoblot of the same samples (inset).

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