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“My customers trust me for fast deliveries. And MQuant™ test strips for fast results.“
Miguel C., farmer

Freshness won’t wait. So when Miguel brings his oranges to the factory, his customers start testing the ascorbic acid content right away. Thanks to MQuant™ indicator strips, they get reliable results in minutes. And can start making juice long before Miguel gets back home.

Test strips are true high-tech products – a mobile laboratory on just a few square millimeters of backing. MQuant™ test strips are suitable for the semiquantitative detection of ions and of inorganic and organic substances. They can be used to measure concentrations from as low as 1 or 10 mg/l as the case may be right up to the g/l range. MQuant™ test strips are high-tech products, which can easily be used anywhere.

Combining ultimate simplicity with speed

A mobile laboratory - suitable for the semiquantitative detection of ions and of inorganic and organic substances.

Used for screening, MQuant™ test strips give the user a quick summary of substance concentrations present in the sample and, by providing a means of pre-selection, can contribute significantly to reducing the time and costs associated with laboratory analyses. Quality checks and in-process controls can be performed much more quickly. Used test strips are easily disposed of thanks to the minute amount of reagents they contain and the use of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) film as backing material.

Product range

MQuant™ test strips allow more than 30 different identification tests and semiquantitative determinations to be performed. For some substances we even provide several different test strips to cover various detection ranges, so that in total our range consists of more than 40 different MQuant™ tests. The standard pack contains 100 test strips in an aluminum tube fitted with a desiccant-filled stopper. User information is provided in 4 languages. We also offer this product in packaging specific to the application and customer requirements. Strips that are individually sealed to improve their shelf life are available on request. Individually sealed test strips are ideal for promotional purposes, e.g. for placement in books and journals or as giveaways to support product promotions. Please ask about our special offers. We are constantly adding new tests to this product range. If you are looking for a test strip for a quite specific application, please call us.

Quality assurance

Merck Millipore uses certified standard solutions to adjust and check the tests and the faithfulness of the reference colors. These standard solutions are directly traceable to primary reference standards from NIST and PTB, a factor instrumental in assuring the high quality of MQuant™ test strips.

MQuant™ test strips are extremely easy to handle:

Handling of MQuant™ test strips.

The reaction zones are wetted with the solution being tested by simple dipping. The excess liquid is then shaken off. After the given reaction time has elapsed - a maximum of two minutes - the coloring of the reaction zone is compared with the color scale on the package to determine the concentration.

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