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Merck-NON_EMD_CLUSTER:/851009.jpgMerck Millipore’s peptide synthesis portfolio: The perfect synthesis of convenience and confidence

At Merck Millipore, we focus on your peptide synthesis requirements, so you can simply focus on your work. Our comprehensive package covers the entire process: production, purification and identification. This not only gives you the convenience of obtaining all supplies form one source, but also the confidence of proven, consistent and superior quality.

With a select portfolio of about 5000 high-quality organics and peptide synthesis reagents, we can serve you with swift, tailor-made and highly effective solutions. PyBOP®, product number 851009, is one of our top-selling trademarked compounds. As with all our building blocks, reagents and solvents, it is available in any quantity you require. We also offer exclusive new synthesis reagents suitable for high-end R&D on Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients. Plus, our new Pharma non-GMP line is optimized for meeting regulatory requirements. Whether you work in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic or technical industry, we support you every step of the way: from R&D to scale-up and production.


Your benefits:

  • All products needed for peptide synthesis, purification and identification
    from one trusted supplier
  • Consistent high quality and reliability throughout the range
  • Technical expertise and support with documentation and applications
  • Continuous research and development of innovative new products



Merck-NON_EMD_CLUSTER:/Novabio_177.jpgFor over 25 years, the Novabiochem® brand has set the standard for quality, providing innovative reagents for peptide synthesis, high-throughput organic chemistry, labeled peptides, and custom manufactured products. We presently offer more than 960 different products through the Novabiochem® Catalog. The catalog contains detailed protocols, applications examples, and practical advice, which has made it the essential resource for many researchers involved in peptide synthesis and combinatorial chemistry.

  • Leading in quality and innovation for over 25 years
  • Technical expertise
  • Competitive pricing


High-purity solvents

Merck-NON_EMD_CLUSTER:/Suprasolv_177.JPGThroughout the world, solvents from Merck Millipore are synonymous with reliability and quality. All our products undergo continuous development to meet increasing quality requirements. And when it comes to peptide synthesis, we provide everything you need for successful results. Our new range of low amine content solvents is a perfect example. By ensuring dimethylamine content of less than 10 ppm, these innovative solvents practically eliminate the greatest threat to your work. With our extensive solvent portfolio, you can expect maximum reliability, proven safety and best specifications for a variety of complex applications.

  • High purity with comprehensive specifications
  • Maximum batch consistency and reliability
  • Specified according to the latest Reag. PhEur methods


Chromatography portfolio

Merck-NON_EMD_CLUSTER:/Chromolith_177.jpgWith over 100 years of expertise in chromatography, uncompromising quality and continuous innovation have become second nature to us. From the very beginning, our highest priorities have been a strong customer focus and the development of customized solutions for all applications. Today, Merck Millipore is among the leaders in the field of liquid chromatography, and we are clearly committed to the further development of sorbents, analytical and preparative columns, sample preparation, thin layer chromatography, and biochromatography products. This dedication is evident in our range of exceptional solutions for peptide purification: our Chromolith®, Purospher® STAR and SeQuant™ ZIC®-HILIC HPLC columns are designed to offer you maximum peptide purity with minimum effort.

  • Over 100 years of expertise in chromatography
  • Maximum batch consistency and reliability
  • High quality HPLC columns with innovative Merck Millipore technology

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