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Chemicals & Reagents for Analytics

Certainty is essential for any analytical laboratory. At Merck Millipore, we give you the quality, tools and service you need to work with complete confidence. Choose from over 30,000 premium chemicals and reagents. Benefit from our extensive regulatory expertise. Take advantage of a global network that ensures swift service and close collaboration. With over 150 years of experience in the field, we make sure you have the optimal solution for your application. Over 1 million customers benefit from our solutions. Discover how you can too.


Merck:/topic/Lab_Essentials/landing_page/Spectroquant.jpg Merck:/topic/Lab_Essentials/landing_page/Tablet Chrombook.jpg Merck:/topic/Lab_Essentials/landing_page/Bioethanol.jpg

New Spectroquant® test kits for COD analysis in waste water

New Edition of ChromBook is available now

Bioethanol, the sweet alternative for a sustainable future




Merck:/topic/Lab_Essentials/landing_page/Analytical Chrom1.jpgAnalytical Chromatography

Merck Millipore ensures most reliable and reproducible TLC, HPTLC, HPLC, and UHPLC separations by providing top quality plates and columns even for most challenging analyses.

Merck:/topic/Lab_Essentials/landing_page/Application1.jpgAnalytical Applicationfinder
Use our Analytical Application Finder and find the appropriate applications for a given analytical problem in a matter of seconds.
Merck:/topic/Lab_Essentials/landing_page/Cube inorganics.jpgInorganic Reagents
Inorganic Reagents from Merck Millipore is always perfection in every dimension for your daily work.
Merck:/topic/Lab_Essentials/landing_page/safety.jpgSafety Information
Find information about Acids in Safety Bottles, SafetyCap, Safety Data Sheets and more.


Products for standard methods in medical labs for diagnosis by microscope.

Merck:/topic/Lab_Essentials/landing_page/Molekuel.jpgLab Tools
Explore our helpful lab tools such as the Molar Mass Calculator, pH Indicator Selector and much more.
Merck:/topic/Lab_Essentials/landing_page/Organics.jpgOrganic Synthesis
Customized & Custom sized - Organo-chemical compounds for professional applications.
Discover the multimedia-based world of Merck Millipore. Read our latest news, download our iPhone apps or enjoy many other media tools.

Merck:/topic/Lab_Essentials/landing_page/Peptide.jpgPeptide & HT Organic Synthesis 

The fine art of synthesis: Novabiochem®.

Merck:/topic/Lab_Essentials/landing_page/Special Service1.jpgSpecial Services
Find information about Customized Test Strips, Solvent Management System, Customized HPLC Columns & Applications and more.
Merck:/topic/Lab_Essentials/landing_page/Test Solvents.jpgSolvents
Our organic solvents range includes solvents for classical and instrumental analysis, provided with highest purity and most extensive product specifications in combination with application oriented packaging and convinient withdrawal equipment.
Merck:/topic/Lab_Essentials/landing_page/Food1.jpgFood and Environmental Analytics Service
Browse through our comprehensive range of services. Here you’ll find possibilities to get detailed information about our products easily and in a user-friendly way.
Merck:/topic/Lab_Essentials/landing_page/Water1.jpgWater and Food Analytics
Our broad product range of analytical test kits covers everything from water analysis to the control of production process up to the measurement of special food parameter.

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