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  Sample preparation/dilution Non selective/selective enrichment Isolation, identification and/or enumeration Confirmation
Aerobic Bacteria    
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109875 Bacillus Cereus Selective supplement 
113306 Bactident® Coagulase  Rabbit plasma with EDTA, lyophilized
105406 BAIRD-PARKER agar  Staphylococcus selective agar (base) acc. to BAIRD-PARKER for microbiology
100072 Bile Aesculin Azide Agar, acc. to ISO 7899-2  for microbiology
105418 Bismuth sulfite agar acc. to WILSON-BLAIR  for the isolation and differentiation of Salmonella typhi
110328 Blood agar (base) no. 2  for the cultivation of fastidious microorganisms
105454 BRILA broth  Brilliant-green bile lactose broth for microbiology
112587 BRILA broth  for microbiology Fluorocult®
109628 Buffered Listeria Enrichment Broth (base) acc. to FDA/BAM 1995  for microbiology
101868 Caseinhydrolysate Glucose Yeast extract Broth (Base)  for microbiology
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