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Chromolith HPLC

Chromolith® RP-18 endcapped HighResolution

The faster way to trouble-free high resolution separations

New Chromolith® HighResolution

Revolutionary monolithic silica columns are a single rod of high purity monolithic silica instead of particles. A unique bimodal pore structure gives greatly improved chromatographic performance. This leads mainly to improved separation efficiency and column back-pressure and allows for faster flow rates, considerably reducing the analysis time while enhancing the lifetime.


 Benefits of the new Chromolith® HighResolution

  • Column performance corresponds to sub 3 µm particle-packed columns and is at least 50% higher compared with our standard Chromolith® columns
  • Back-pressure at least half that of particular columns
  • Minimum 30% longer column lifetime compared with particle-packed columns

The new Chromolith® HighResolution columns offer higher efficiency and improved peak shape combined with lower back-pressure which is more than two times lower than any particulate packed column with the same dimensions.

Differentiation between Chromolith® and Chromolith® HighResolution

Differentiation between Chromolith® and Chromolith® HighResolution

The new Chromolith® HighResolution has at least 50% higher efficiency, excellent peak symmetry and still a more than 30% longer lifetime compared with particulate columns. Two Chromolith® HighResolution columns can easily be coupled in order to achieve even higher resolution. A endcapped stationary phase enables the elution of basic compounds with no peak tailing.

Matrix-rich samples should be analysed with Chromolith® as this type of column will have a longer lifetime. In addition, a lower back-pressure would allow coupling of even more columns if necessary.


Chromolith® Performance
RP-18e, 100-4.6 mm
Chromolith® HighResolution
RP-18e, 100-4.6 mm
Mobile phase Acetonitrile/water 60/40 Chromolith® Performance RP-18e, 100-4.6 nm
Chromolith® HighResolution RP-18e, 100-4.6 nm
Flow rate 2.0 ml/min
Detection UV 254 nm
Temperature ambient
Inj. volume 5 µl
Sample 1. Urea
2. Biphenyl-2-ol
3. Progesterone
4. Hexanophenone
5. Anthracene

Specification of Chromolith® HighResolution RP-18 endcapped

Silica type High-purity
Particle size Monolithic
Macropore size 1.15 micrometer
Mesopore size 15 nm (150 Angström)
Pore volume 1 mL/g
Total pore volume 2.9 mL/g
Surface area 250 m2/g
Surface modification RP-18 endcapped
Carbon content 18 %

Method transfer from particulate to monolithic Chromolith® columns

Method transfer from particulate to monolithic Chromolith® columns is made easy since the chromatographic selectivity of Chromolith® columns is very similar to that of many modern particulate HPLC columns (e.g. Purospher®). Chromolith® columns are now included in the US Pharmacopoeia in categories L1, L3 and L7.

  100 mm 50 mm 25 mm 5 mm
Chromolith® HighResolution RP-18e 100-4.6 mm 1.52022.0001      
Chromolith® HighResolution RP-18e 50-4.6 mm   1.52021.0001    
Chromolith® HighResolution RP-18e 25-4.6 mm     1.52020.0001  
Chromolith® HighResolution RP-18e 5-4.6 mm Guard Column Kit        1.52024.0001
Chromolith® HighResolution RP-18e 5-4.6 mm Guard Columns (3 pieces)        1.52025.0001


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