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Extran® laboratory cleansers are the perfect solution for cleaning your laboratory utensils to Merck's well-known quality standards. Reliable processes in laboratories and product facilities are only possible with thorough, residue-free cleaning. Only in this way is it possible to ensure proper scientific working procedures. Everything that comes into contact with chemicals or biological substances must be free of impurities, both before and after use. Merck's high-quality Extran® cleaning agents have fulfilled these requirements for over 25 years.


  • Reliable and residue-free cleaning with Extran®.
  • Extran® is free from scents and dyestuffs and does not contain chlorine or other toxic ingredients.
  • The active ingredients in Extran® are biodegradable.
  • Extran® is the ideal all-purpose cleaner.


Efficient, safe and environment-friendly

Extran® cleans reliably, leaving no residues. This prevents residues from being transferred into the next analysis or test. Merck provides a practical and easy-to-use application aid to  prove the freedom from residues of nonionic surfactants after the cleaning process by means of a photometric test. This helps you in preparing your own individual cleaning validation, saving you time and money.

Extran® is free from scents and dyestuffs and does not contain chlorine or other toxic ingredients. It thus prevents odors, protecting the health of the laboratory staff in the process. Our laboratory cleansers are also free of silicones and oxidants and have no inhibitory effect on enzyme tests (e.g. α-amylase, LDH, GOT or on acid phosphatase).


The active ingredients in Extran® are biodegradable and Extran® is manufactured under stringently controlled production conditions and fulfils the requirements of environmental protection. In almost all cases, Extran® makes the use of chromosulfuric acid, which is still common on the market, unnecessary. It is thus gentle on the environment and on the health of staff.

The ideal all-purpose cleaner

Depending on the type of contamination and the material to be cleaned, the Extran® range of products offers the ideal solution for the cleaning of your laboratory utensils and production locations. Put your trust in over 25 years of Extran® experience from Merck and use our detergents for manual cleaning or automated cleaning in laboratory washing machines. Both processes generally require different detergents.

You can find more details on the different Extran® types by selcting the two categories Extran® MA types for manual washing and Extran® AP types for automated cleaning as well as our Extran® brochure.

For further information, new additions to the range, Safety Data Sheets and of course our certificates of analysis, please click on the categories below.

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