Merck Chemicals Infos Merck Chemicals News Africa fr-FR Merck KGaA 06/23/2008 News Release 9.4.14 Merck Millipore and VWR Extend Western European Distribution Agreement yUCsHfETvAcAAAFFdIgh00NR News Release 17.3.14 Merck Millipore Announces Clinical Research, Licensing and Joint Development Agreement with Sysmex Corporation hFmsHfETlPoAAAFERHAh09py News Release 10.3.14 Merck Millipore Receives Grant from Massachusetts Life Sciences Center to Collaborate with Promethera Biosciences 6KSsHfET9DQAAAFEPQ5gaLI9 News Release 4.2.14 Merck Millipore Introduces DRYPOUR™ Packaging System to Minimize Caking of Pharmaceutical Raw Materials pESsHfETj3MAAAFDW7YmyP37 News Release 29.1.14 Merck Millipore Expands its EMPROVE<sup>®</sup> Raw Materials Portfolio to 400 Products qtKsHfETDiAAAAFDngwmyN8. News Release 17.12.13 Merck Millipore Provides Disaster Relief to Typhoon Haiyan Victims YuqsHfETKewAAAFDt1UqKwEN News Release 8.11.13 Merck Millipore Wins R&D Magazine 100 Award for its Direct Detect<sup>®</sup> Protein Quantitation System 9pWsHfET5HEAAAFCz8UqK0ec News Release 7.11.13 Merck Millipore Donates $10,000 to Environmental and Energy Study Institute in Recognition of Energy Month LcasHfETzk4AAAFC1QQqKzj9 News Release 23.10.13 Merck Millipore Launches CpGenome™ Direct Prep Bisulfite Modification Kit for Simplified One-Step Conversion of Unmethylated Cytosines 3MasHfETemYAAAFCJTAqK5Zo News Release 22.10.13 Merck Millipore Introduces Parteck<sup>®</sup> SLC, Silica-based Excipient for Enhanced Drug Solubility and Bioavailability wEasHfETKYUAAAFBRzQxteXX News Release 22.10.13 Merck Millipore Introduces the First Online Original Manufacturer Tracking Tool WhysHfETYEEAAAFB8VsxteWi News Release 21.10.13 Merck Millipore Introduces the Lab Solutions Virtual Conference: “Complete Solutions for Food Safety Analysis.” 2GOsHfETHKUAAAFByFsxtfSl News Release 16.10.13 Merck Millipore to be Global Distributor for SmartRNAplex™ MicroRNA Profiling Assay QgusHfETXXEAAAFCoKkqKyST News Release 10.10.13 Beijing Higher Court Rules in Favor of Merck Millipore in Patent Infringement Case 0B6sHfETd6cAAAFBZM1DnqRT News Release 26.9.13 Merck Millipore Accepts Stevie Awards for Direct Detect<sup>®</sup> and Muse<sup>®</sup> Products at the 2013 American Business Awards NbSsHfETmfMAAAFB8EhDnlsy News Release 18.9.13 Merck Millipore Teams Up with the Vince Wilfork Foundation to Donate Backpacks and School Supplies to Boston-Area Students 18ysHfETzusAAAFBGZNDnjdx News Release 17.9.13 Merck Millipore Introduces Novel Clarisolve<sup>®</sup> Depth Filters that Deliver Unmatched Speed and Efficiency for Single-Stage Clarification of Pretreated Feed Streams 5TmsHfETf2gAAAFBDsNDniir News Release 17.9.13 Merck Millipore Launches Eshmuno<sup>®</sup> A Chromatography Media and Chromabolt™ Prepacked Columns AfasHfET_lsAAAFBTFxDnih1 News Release 16.9.13 Merck Millipore Named One of the Top Charitable Contributors by the Boston Business Journal 5YOsHfETtkwAAAFBih9Dnjaq News Release 12.9.13 Merck Millipore Receives Recertification of GMP Compliance for Biodevelopment Centre in Martillac, France 2AGsHfETzVMAAAFB885Dnhj6 News Release 10.9.13 Merck Millipore Donates $30,000 to charity: water in Recognition of World Water Week AzysHfETF_oAAAFB9tZDngoH News Release 12.7.13 Merck Millipore Opens New R&D Center, Expanding Capabilities in Bioavailability Enhancement and Oral Dosage Formulation PIOsHfETkaAAAAFAsYEUFgux News Release 10.7.13 150 Cyclists from Merck Millipore and Merck Serono Participated in 150 Mile Ride for MS v4qsHfETs7MAAAE_eGEUFugD News Release 8.7.13 Merck Millipore Awards Annual Scholarships SvmsHfETBQIAAAE_P7UUFsmp News Release 24.6.13 Merck Millipore Launches Cellvento™ CHO-200 Chemically Defined Cell Culture Medium for Consistent High Performance in Fed-Batch Mode wCCsHfET26kAAAE_UJJvpXHs News Release 12.6.13 Merck Millipore Launches PluriSTEM™ Human ES/iPS Medium for the Expansion of Human Embryonic and Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells 36.sHfETi2AAAAE_dQ9vpTnb News Release 6.6.13 Merck Millipore Direct Detect<sup>®</sup> and Muse™ Products Named as Finalists in 2013 American Business Awards<sup>SM</sup> l4esHfETpDoAAAE_wQ56Ii6u News Release 21.5.13 Merck Millipore and PharmaCell to Develop Optimized Large-Scale Expansion and Harvesting of HepaRG<sup>®</sup> Cells Grown from Bioreactors d8usHfETRJ0AAAE.wAl2xMNv News Release 20.5.13 Vince Wilfork Visits Merck Millipore’s Jaffrey, NH Manufacturing Facility and Thanks Employees for Supporting the Vince Wilfork Foundation 78isHfETZ9sAAAE.7OB2xM1l News Release 17.5.13 Merck Millipore Introduces the Lab Water Virtual Conference: “The Lab of Tomorrow, Bringing the Future to Life Today” 5T.sHfETKXMAAAFBy8cxtbJh News Release 14.5.13 Merck Millipore Introduces Magna ChIP<sup>®</sup> HiSens Chromatin Immunoprecipitation Kits zWesHfETwtAAAAE.YAR2xKOC News Release 10.5.13 Merck Millipore Receives Chairman’s Award from Massachusetts Governor at Associated Industries of Massachusetts Luncheon Z7msHfETe_MAAAE.D3F2xJoD News Release 8.5.13 Merck Millipore Leadership Recognized with Diabetes Champion Award by JDRF iq.sHfETqlAAAAE.csl2xJl8 News Release 2.5.13 Patent Litigation Gore_Settlement and License between Merck Millipore and W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc. AJGsHfET8FgAAAE._AE7sWFa News Release 23.4.13 New SIRTainty™ Class III HDAC Assay from Merck Millipore Used in Recent Study Demonstrating Novel Mechanism for Activation of SIRT1 CzmsHfET5e8AAAE.wYocIUGU News Release 28.2.13 Merck Millipore Muse™ Cell Analyzer Wins Prestigious GOOD DESIGN<sup>®</sup> Award rPysHfETzQ8AAAE9FBtCXx0P InterLabTec 2013 20.2.13 Discover the latest Merck innovations and get a tailored package of expertise for your everyday laboratory needs. Visit our stand at InterLabTech 2013 in Munich (14-15 March, 2013). AA2sHfETonEAAAE81ERCX_ag News Release 29.1.13 Merck Millipore Expands EZ-Product Family for Faster, More Efficient Bioburden Analysis and Microbial Detection in Beverages bKusHfETj6AAAAE8SPxCX4Mj News Release 7.1.13 Merck Millipore Launches Mobius<sup>®</sup> FlexReady Solution with Smart Flexware<sup>®</sup> Assemblies for Tangential Flow Filtration yX.sHfETSgYAAAE8_tBCXxBX News Release 10.12.12 Merck Millipore Launches PDReady™ Monoclonal Antibodies Kit for Accelerated Process Development 9uOsHfET1HQAAAE7bl4t6YCX News Release 15.11.12 Merck Millipore Launches Eshmuno<sup>®</sup> CPX, a Strong Cation Exchanger Optimized for High Resolution and High Productivity On6sHfETcUgAAAE7FmEVfwTJ News Release 13.11.12 Merck Millipore Hosts Two Chromatography User Group Meetings Br.sHfETFR4AAAE6yolO0PUr News Release 1.11.12 Merck Millipore and Sistemic Collaborate to Identify Control Markers for Stem Cell Production jJOsHfET1OAAAAE6QKdO0LgP News Release 18.10.12 Merck Millipore’s Process Solutions Business Unit Announces Updated 2013 Pricing For Pharm Chemical Solutions and Biopharm Process Solutions Products S12sHfETxT4AAAE6UlZO0I2o News Release 9.10.12 Merck Millipore Offers a Comprehensive and Growing Portfolio of Products and Technologies for Bioavailability Enhancement w1CsHfETT18AAAE60ghO0ECo News Release 1.10.12 Merck Millipore Provides Grant to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation xYmsHfETCuEAAAE66GlO0Bef News Release 20.9.12 Merck Millipore Announces the Opening of its State-of-the-Art GMP Bioproduction Facility in Martillac, France vJasHfETSYQAAAE5IylO0OPd News Release 19.9.12 Merck Millipore and the Institute of Bioprocess Engineering and Pharmaceutical Technology to Develop Optimized Process Control and Harvesting of Stem Cells Grown from Bioreactors 2lesHfET7iQAAAE5AjtO0Nr9 News Release 18.9.12 Merck Millipore and VeriStem™ Technologies to Develop Purification Methods for Large-scale Stem Cell Production ubesHfETfAgAAAE5AEhO0Nrq News Release 17.9.12 Merck Millipore Obtains Global Licensing Agreement for induced Pluripotent Stem(iPS) Cell Patent Technology with iPS Academia Japan, Inc. (AJ) GsasHfETKDsAAAE5wJNO0NVU News Release 12.9.12 Merck Millipore Named 53rd on the Boston Business Journal’s List of Top Charitable Contributors K1.sHfET6ZsAAAE5NftO0LvW News Release 5.9.12 Merck Millipore Introduces Cellvento™ CHO-100, a Chemically-defined, Non-animal Origin Media for Superior Cell Growth and Productivity OVesHfETnJkAAAE5LjlO0JHm News Release 30.8.12 Merck Millipore Donates $10,000 to charity: water in Recognition of World Water Week 5CmsHfET_34AAAE5QhcJjnf1 News Release 22.8.12 Merck KGaA Acquires Cell Culture Media Specialist Biochrom AG Y_asHfET4jAAAAE5yA0Jjk9o News Release 14.8.12 Merck Millipore Launches PureGenome™ Kits and Reagents for Fast and Efficient Preparation of Next Generation Sequencing Libraries UKasHfETqB8AAAE5owEJjjCG News Release 8.8.12 Merck Millipore Extends its Innovative NovaSeptum® Sterile Sampling Offerings xYGsHfETdogAAAE5sosJjgaQ News Release 7.8.12 Merck Millipore Announces Exclusive Agreement with Julphar Diabetes to Offer Non-animal Origin, Recombinant Human Insulin as Cell Culture Media Supplement j2WsHfET9XkAAAE5cIdGnQIB News Release 6.8.12 Merck Millipore Launches Mobius® FlexReady Solution with Smart Flexware® Assemblies for Chromatography pdWsHfETWocAAAE47TJGneNI Communiqu&eacute; 10.7.12 Merck Millipore pr&eacute;sente une solution &eacute;lectronique unique pour la purification d'eau : Millitrack&reg; Compliance ZoasHfETPL4AAAE4TDZGnXbj News Release 5.7.12 Merck Millipore Wins Prestigious R&D Magazine 100 Award N4CsHfET3agAAAE4CyJGnVPc News Release 25.6.12 Vincent Donovan to Lead BioPharmaceutical Process Solutions at Merck Millipore iPmsHfETaT0AAAE4djdGnS3q News Release 20.6.12 Merck Millipore Launches Provantage™ Solutions at BIO 2012 x6CsHfETY2YAAAE4njBGnQU0 News Release 4.6.12 Merck Millipore Demonstrates Successful Scale-up of Human Stem Cells on Microcarriers in the Mobius® CellReady 3 L Single-use Bioreactor FnWsHfETnCwAAAE34rJGnbzl News Release 16.5.12 Dana Hubbard, Head of Patents for Merck Millipore, named to Boston’s Top Rated Lawyers CaSsHfET6UMAAAE3uwVJyFtW News Release 14.5.12 Merck Millipore Muse™ Cell Analyzer Wins Prestigious red dot Design Award 4lesHfETLD0AAAE3aCxJyDg_ News Release 1.5.12 Andrew Bulpin to Assume Leadership of Process Solutions at Merck Millipore Mj.sHfETIYcAAAE3xZhJyAmA News Release 19.4.12 Merck Millipore Introduces Magna ChIP™ HT96 Kits for High-Throughput Chromatin Immunoprecipitation J_usHfETkLAAAAE25olUBeCq Communiqu&eacute; 17.4.12 Merck Millipore lance le mod&egrave;le membranaire synth&eacute;tique Strat-M&trade; pour les &eacute;tudes <em>in vitro</em> de la diffusion transdermique uFmsHfETWdwAAAE2SNhUBeB. News Release 16.4.12 Merck Millipore Receives 2012 REBRAND™ 100 Global Award JSesHfETUUUAAAE21g4iycDR Press Release 10.4.12 Third Annual “Merck Millipore Pharma Forum” to Address Latest Developments _A6sHfETTpsAAAE2Whc5U5z0 News Release 15.3.12 Merck Millipore Launches Mobius® Cellready 50 L Single_use Stirred Tank Bioreactor eSmsHfETJmwAAAE2X_twtCuJ News Release 13.3.12 Merck Millipore Launches Direct Detect™ Biomolecular Quantitation System, Offering Significant Advantages over Bradford and Lowry Assays S1.sHfETKRgAAAE2M51wtCvq News Release 12.3.12 Merck Millipore and the Centre for Commercialization of Regenerative Medicine Collaborate to Optimize Conditions for Large-scale Stem Cell Cultivation Ms6sHfETCjsAAAE2NEZwtCv3 News Release 1.3.12 Merck Millipore Introduces CellPrime™ Recombinant Human Lysozyme for Increased Protein Recovery From E. coli Production Systems b8ysHfETnmgAAAE2feNwtCwS News Release 28.2.12 Merck Millipore Launches MILLIPLEX® MAP EpiQuant™ Receptor Signaling Pathway Panel z1GsHfETn5cAAAE2TJhwtCwZ News Release 27.2.12 Merck Millipore Partners with Charles River Laboratories for Improved Viral Clearance Studies R7OsHfETkEYAAAE2Q_5wtCwt News Release 21.2.12 Merck Millipore Announces Exclusive Supply and Marketing Agreement With Ventria Bioscience to Expand its CellPrime™ Line of Non-animal Origin Products xAWsHfETbBsAAAE2piho3zVi News Release 21.2.12 Merck Millipore Adds Millistak+® µPod™ Filter to Line of Disposable Depth Filter Systems tp.sHfETCZYAAAE2x99wtCxJ