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Labmail 1.12

Labmail 1.12: Latest edition of customer magazine gives information on new products and services

labmail 1.12

Merck Millipore is constantly adapting its products and services to the requirements of analysis laboratories. Labmail provides information on new innovations and trends in analytical tests and reagents, as well as on regulatory requirements. The topics focused on in the current eight-page issue include the latest "100 % Fascinated by analytics." campaign and innovations like Certipur® reference materials, Chromolith® HighResolution columns and from the "Organics and peptides" portfolio. The new catalog for inorganic reagents is also introduced.




Your benefits:
  • Concise information on product innovations and how to handle them, including Certipur® and Chromolith® HighResolution columns with links to the product pages
  • Useful information about the new analytics campaign and the new catalog for inorganic reagents
  • Clear presentation of content on eight pages

100% Fascinated by analytics.

As a leader in innovation, Merck has always stood for consistent high quality, and is also emphasizing this with its latest campaign. This motto is reflected in premium products and services. The values of passion, precision and partnership with customers and suppliers.

Certipur® – certified certainty

The correct measurement of a pH value is essential for analytical process control and quality assurance. The entire Merck Millipore portfolio of Certipur® buffer solutions for the precise calibration of pH measuring devices has now been certified in our own accredited calibration laboratory in accordance with DIN EN ISO 17025. Thanks to this, you can place your complete trust in your analytical results. A comprehensive analysis certificate for each product documents the batch-specific parameters.

New Chromolith® HighResolution columns – the highest performance at low pressure

Excellent peak symmetry, at least 50 percent more efficiency at a lower counter-pressure and 30 percent longer lifespan – the performance of the new Chromolith® HighResolution HPLC columns has been significantly improved. At a flow rate of 1 ml/min, they are the ideal alternative to 3 µm particle columns. In short: the faster solution for easy separations.

The perfect lab companion: New catalog for inorganic reagents

On around 350 pages, you can discover the whole portfolio of inorganic reagents with information on over 1,000 products. The catalog for inorganic reagents is clearly structured in three color-coded categories and offers tips on quality management, packaging, safety and environmental questions. Everything you need to know for wet chemical laboratories or instrumental analytics from one source.

Organics and peptides

The "Organics and peptides" product portfolio at Merck Millipore offers over 6,000 reagents for organic chemistry – and this number is set to rise. The portfolio also includes top quality building blocks, solvents, catalysts and solutions for organic and peptide synthesis. The applications and therefore the requirements of our customers are wide-ranging. That's why we can customize our products to customer-specific analysis parameters on request. In addition, our new "Pharma synthesis non-GMP" product line allows you to document the materials used.

Have we captured your interest with this topic overview? Then please download the new Labmail 1.12. It contains more information and articles on other topics. 


labmail 1.12

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