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LiChrospher® 60 RP-select B

Excellent separations even with basic compounds

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LiChrospher® RP-select B is a versatile reversed phase sorbent based on spherical silica particles with excellent properties for the determination of basic substances, while also featuring good properties for the determination of neutral and acidic substances. LiChrospher® 60 RP-select B is optimized in order to prevent any secondary interactions with basic substances and ensures that basic compounds are eluted as symmetrical substance peaks.

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Highest reliability of your HPLC results

The basis for the success of your HPLC analysis is the safety of an HPLC method that provides highly reproducible results. LiChrospher® RP-select B meets your challenging demands regarding excellent batch-to-batch reproducibility of an HPLC sorbent.

A master batch concept in which several individual batches are used to produce a large batch ("the master batch") of the LiChrospher® RP-select B sorbent is being applied with the aim of eliminating the variations between the different individual batches. The superior reproducibility of the "master batch LiChrospher® RP-select B" compared to small individual LiChrospher® RP-select B batches can be clearly demonstrated with the Tanaka test, a very demanding HPLC column test procedure.

Tanaka 1 - Test:

Eluent Methanol/Water 80/20    
Flow rate 1 ml/min   HPLC chromatograms of separations of the Tanaka 1 test mixture using 3 master batches of LiChrospher® RP-select    
Inj. vol. 5 μl  
Detection UV 254 nm  
Temp. 22 °C  

0.01 mg/mL

0.7 mg/mL

0.035 mg/mL

1.3 mg/mL





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Specifications for LiChrospher® 60 RP-select B

Sorbent characteristics Particles of silica with octyl derivative
Particle shape spherical
Particle size 5; 10 μm
Pore size 60 Å (6 nm)
Pore volume 0.9 mL/g
Spec. surface area 360 m2/g
Carbon load 11.5 % C
Coverage of the surface 3.55 μmol/m2
55,000 N/m;
20,000 N/m
pH range 2-7.5
Shipping eluent Acetonitrile/water

Ordering Information - Stainless steel cartridges LiChroCART®

  LiChrospher® 60 RP-select B
4×4 mm
25×4 mm
75×4 mm 1.50993.0001
100×4.6 mm 1.50640.0001
125×3 mm
125×4 mm
150×4.6 mm
250×3 mm
250×4 mm
1.50839.0001 5µm
1.50984.0001 5µm
1.50742.0001 10µm
250×4.6 mm

The LiChroCART® columns (75, 125, 150, and 250 mm length) in the list above (3 and 4 mm i.d.) require part number 1.51486.0001 manu-CART® NT cartridge column holder, which can be used to hold one cartridge column with or without a 4×4mm guard column

Ordering Information - Stainless steel columns Hibar®

LiChrospher® 60 RP-select B
100×4.6 mm
150×4.6 mm
250×4.6 mm

The Hibar® columns are complete with endfittings.

When using a guard column with a Hibar® column, we recommend part number 1.51487.0001 guard column cartridge holder for 4×4mm guard column cartridges LiChroCART®.

Ordering Information - Glass cartridges EcoCART® 

LiChrospher® 60 RP-select B
125×4 mm

 EcoCART® glass cartridges require part number 1.51207 EcoCART® glass cartridge holder.

Ordering Information - Sorbents

LiChrospher® 60 RP-select B
5 µm
10 µm




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