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Peroxidase in milk: Detected quickly, simply and cost-effectively with MQuant™

MQuant<sup>™</sup> peroxidase test

Lactoperoxidase activity is a key indicator for the quality of milk: If the enzyme can be detected, the milk has been successfully pasteurized. If not, the milk was heated to a higher temperature, which is referred to as "ultra-high temperature processing". Checking this used to require a lot of time and effort. In the future, instead of photometric applications, milk producers and processors can use the cost-effective MQuant rapid test  from Merck Millipore to verify the heat treatment of milk.

Your benefits:
  • Simple determination of peroxidase activity in milk
  • Can be used right where the sample is taken
  • Low costs, little time needed  
  • Activity is easily determined by reading from a color scale

The enzyme lactoperoxidase (POD) is completely deactivated when milk is heated to over 85 degrees Celsius. A yes/no answer is usually enough for milk processing plants: If lactoperoxidase is detected, the pasteurization temperatures were adhered to. If the enzyme is no longer active, ultra-high temperature processing is proven.

Investigations have proved that the MQuant peroxidase test  works just as reliably as the photometric reference process (DIN 10483-1). However, it also achieves these reliable results significantly faster, more simply and more cost-effectively.

Simple application
For a test, the milk sample is diluted with a little distilled water on site and mixed with a few drops of the reagent contained in the test kit. When the user dips the test strip  into the solution, a chemical reaction is triggered: If peroxidase is present, an organic redox indicator is converted into a blue compound. When the user then holds the strip's reaction zone next to the color scale provided, he will be able to see whether there is no (-), low (+) or significant (++) peroxidase activity.

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