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Parteck®: Outstanding excipients for solid dosage forms

Parteck® Products from Merck - excipients with unique particle properties.
Parteck® Products from Merck - excipients with unique particle properties.

What if there was a way to make the design of solid dosage forms much easier, safer, and more cost-effective? A way that reduces development time, extends machinery life, and even supports registration processes – all at the same time? Actually, there is: Parteck® excipients from Merck Millipore.

Your benefits
  • Outstanding tabletting behavior
  • Excellent compressibility for harder tablets
  • Fast disintegration for rapid onset of action
  • Optimized flow
  • EMPROVE® documentation

Unique particle structure for outstanding properties

Created specifically for solid dosage forms, Parteck® excipients are distinguished by outstanding functionalities and a unique particle structure. All Parteck® products are developed under our Functional Particle Engineering concept comprising advanced Merck Millipore technologies for quite extraordinary functionally relevant particle properties. These properties of Parteck® excipients offer decisive advantages to the formulator compared to other tabletting excipients on the market – especially when it comes to sensitive formulations.

Parteck®: Formulator’s first choice

With Parteck®, formulators benefit from excellent tabletting behavior: Thanks to the high compressibility of Parteck® excipients, you can produce harder tablets using lower compression forces – thus reducing strain on your tabletting equipment. In addition, your tablets will take effect much faster, because our Parteck® products improve their disintegration time and accelerate API release. The greater surface area of Parteck® particles improves integration and content uniformity. Moreover, we have optimized their flow behavior – for easier blending and a stable, high-throughput process.

More efficiency

By making your formulations easier, Parteck® from Merck Millipore saves valuable development time and resources. As a matter of course, every single batch of Parteck® excipients features the uncompromising quality you have come to expect from Merck Millipore. What’s more, most Parteck® excipients are EMPROVE® products, thus offering full documentation to speed up approvals.

If you would like more information, please contact us.

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