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Solvents for Preparative Chromatography


Prepsolv® solvents are tailored to the requirements of preparative Chromatography to facilitate scale-up from analytical to preparative separations. With their extremely low evaporation residue (< 1 mg/l) and low water content, they ensure optimal protection for columns. In preparative chromatography installations that use significant quantities of high quality solvents, optimum separation results depend on solvents being delivered in container easily used without risk of contamination. This is why Merck packs all solvents under inert gas and provides all relevant solvents for large-scale application in returnable stainless steel barrels or containers.

Products in this category:
Catalog number Products
113358 Acetonitrile  for preparative chromatography Prepsolv®
113353 Ethyl acetate  for preparative chromatography Prepsolv®
104394 n-Hexane  for preparative chromatography Prepsolv®
113351 Methanol  for preparative chromatography Prepsolv®
113350 2-Propanol  for preparative chromatography Prepsolv®

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