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Fractogel® – the reliable chromatography resin

Tentacle media for reliable purification and more economical processes

Your advantages
  • Reliable purification of macromolecules
  • Efficient removal of viruses, DNA and endotoxins
  • Excellent yield
  • High throughput
  • High stability and quality 

The right purification strategy for therapeutic proteins, e. g. antibodies, hormones, enzymes, or growth factors, is very important for efficient production processes. The chromatographic media and techniques used in the purification must be appropriately robust, and they must be able to reliably remove key impurities like host cell proteins, DNA, and viruses. Fractogel® tentacle media from Merck Millipore provide the reliability that your applications demand – with optimal yields, efficient purification, and an extremely long product lifetime.

Merck:/topic/images/pharma/Fracto_2Dosen.jpgFractogel®: Tentacle structure for efficient capture

Fractogel® process media are synthetic polymer resins for chromatographic purification that – thanks to their efficient tentacle technology – offer a number of advantages compared to conventional resins. Long linear polymer chains – the “tentacles” – increase the functional groups’ accessibility for biomolecules and ensure a much tighter binding of target substances. The result: efficient separation and a high binding capacity even at high flow rates.

Fractogel®  media - High stability for hundreds of chromatography cycles

The excellent pressure stability of Fractogel® media enables very high throughput rates which in turn lead to excellent yields. Moreover, Fractogel® resins demonstrate a high chemical stability, assuring an extremely long life: Even after hundreds of purification and recovery cycles, they retain their excellent features.

More economical processes with Fractogel® media

The enhanced surface topology of Fractogel® tentacle media makes them a very powerful tool for your purification strategy. It’s high binding capacity at high flow rates saves valuable time and improves process economics. Due to the stronger binding, Fractogel® media provide more reliable results and can be flexibly used in many and varied applications.

Moreover, their high stability enables efficient “Clean in Place” (CIP) using a sodium hydroxide solution, extending the lifetime of Fractogel® media even further. Longer product lifetime minimizes replacement frequency and enables lower operating costs.

Fractogel®: Reliable quality and regulatory support

As a matter of course, Fractogel® media meet all regulatory requirements. Their production strictly follows applicable cGMP guidelines and ICH Q7 quality assurance requirements. Merck Millipore supports your process validation providing by Bulk Biological Master Files and Regulatory Support Files.

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