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It's the essence of everything we do at Merck Millipore. We're dedicated to making our customers' visions a reality — to helping them achieve their goals, fulfill their ambitions and, ultimately, realize the potential of life science.

Collaboration Reliability Imagination

Collaboration is central to this mission. We work side-by-side with our customers to find innovative solutions to their unique research, development and production challenges, sharing best practices at every stage and providing insights and expertise gained from decades of hands-on experience. Our goal is to form highly productive working relationships and lasting partnerships with all of our customers.

We also work to provide the highest quality and most reliable products and services for the highly regulated life science industry. Our biotechnology and pharmaceutical customers are engaged in producing critical and sometimes life-saving drug therapies; they depend on us to help ensure their processes are sound and their products are safe and effective. Our goal is to enable our customers to focus on their work, secure in the knowledge they are using proven Merck Millipore solutions.

We place a premium on imagination, which fuels the continuous technological innovation demanded by rapidly evolving life science fields. We promote and reward creativity at all levels - particularly in our R&D organizations — and work to ensure that we stay one step ahead of our customers' emerging needs. Our goal is to provide not only the products and services customers require today, but also the breakthrough solutions they will need to be competitive tomorrow.

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