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Extran® — Scientific work needs purity

Universal cleaning agent: 

Good clean science can only happen if laboratory and production facilities are cleaned properly. Everything that comes in contact with chemicals or biological substances needs to be free from contaminants before and after use in order to eliminate interferences and to protect yourself, your colleagues, and the environment. Extran® cleans safely, reliably and residue-free. It is manufactured under strictly controlled conditions.

The active ingredients meet all legal requirements with respect to biodegradability. Moreover we support you in validating your cleaning process or in developing customer-specific solutions. Trust in 25 years of Extran®-experience and make use of one of twelve different cleaning agents including three types for manual cleaning and nine for automated cleaning procedures.

Discover the benefits of Extran®:
  • Extran® cleans reliably and residue-free and therefore prevents a carry-over of resi-dues to the next analysis
  • Extran® is free from scent- and dyestuff, chlorine or toxic ingredients. By this it helps to avoid smell nuisance and to protect the health of employees and the environment.
  • Merck Millipore offers a practical support for your validation to show the absence of surfactants after the cleaning process.
  • The active ingredients of Extran® are biodegredable. Thus the environment and the health of personnel is preserved.
  • Extran®  is a universal cleaning agent – Extran® was developed especially for use in laboratories,  although it can also be used in some production processes. Due to a con-stant composition processes and applications do not have to be changed frequently.

Right results every time

Extran® cleans reliably and prevents carry-over of residues over to the next analysis and thus helps you to get the right results. It has no inhibitory effect on enzyme tests e.g. α-Amylase, LDH, HBDH, GOT or acid phosphatase. Moreover, the use of Extran® is more convenient compared to chromosulfuric acid, because it does not contain chlorine or other strongly toxic ingredients, so that there is neither a chlorine odour nor a health hazard. 

Economical in many ways

Extran® is very economical in use, because of the low concentrations needed for the cleaning procedure. In comparison to toxic, strongly aggressive inorganic or inflammable organic cleaning agents, there is no expensive contaminated waste to dispose of. Household cleaners can leave residues on your laboratory equipment, which may cause to get wrong results. Hence the analysis needs to be repeated, which is cost-intensive. Thus, Extran® enables you to get correct results and saves you time and money.

Reliable cleaning agents

All Extran® cleaning agents are time-tested products with a long-term ability to deliver, so you won’t have to change your processes and applications frequently. They have been extensively tested to demonstrate their cleaning effectiveness and universal applicability in order to meet your demand for a clean laboratory or production facility. Extran® is manufactured under strictly controlled conditions and the active ingredients meet all legal requirements with respect to biodegradability and phosphate content. Extran® is absolutely reliable and cleans safely.

Manual and apparatus cleaning

In practice, a distinction is made between manual and automatic cleaning. Both have different requirements with respect to the cleaning agent used. For detailed information on the different Extran® types, please refer to the information of our brochure “Residue free cleaning with Extran or under the heading “Related Documents” for your chosen product.

Manual washingMachine washing
The Extran® MA types for manual cleansing procedures are concentrates for universal use in the preparation of aqueous cleansing baths for the reliable and complete removal of residues. The Extran® product range for manual cleaning includes MA 01 (alkaline universal cleanser), MA 02 (neutral universal cleanser, mild) and MA 03 (phosphate-free universal cleanser). The various Extran® AP types have been specially developed in close cooperation with leading instrument manufacturers to make them suitable for use in laboratory washing machines. One of the most important criteria was a very low degree of foam formation. In addition, the excellent water solubility of all the components used prevents residues from remaining on the instruments. The Extran® products for machine washing include the mildly alkaline cleansers AP 11 (powder) and AP 14 (liquid), the alkaline cleaning solutions AP 12 (powder), AP 13 (powder, with detergents) and AP 15 (liquid) as well as the enzymatic AP 41 (powder). In addition, the Extran® product range includes the neutralization agents AP 21 (with phosphoric acid) and AP 22 (with citric acid) for removing possible alkaline residues after the main cleansing step, and the anti-foam solution AP 31.

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