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Some things are not quite what they seem. Water may look clean, but it could easily be contaminated with pathogenic microorganisms, posing a serious threat to health. With our water testing products, you can be sure that every aspect of hygiene is within safety limits. The water you use in production is completely free from potentially infectious microorganisms. Access to clean and safe water is one of the most important issues facing society today. And it will become increasingly important as demand outpaces supply and our rivers and inland waterways continue to be contaminated by pollution. According to the former United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan, “Lack of access to water – for drinking, hygiene and food security – inflicts enormous hardship on more than a billion members of the human family […] Water is likely to become a growing source of tension and fierce competition between nations if present trends continue, but it can also be a catalyst for cooperation.” To find your individual solution and the wide range of products that we offer, please use our newly developed matrix browser.

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