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Pharmail – Merck Millipore‘s magazine for pharma industry


Pharmail is a magazine for customers in the pharmaceutical industry and all other interested parties. It deals with the latest trends in the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries.

Current issue 3.12

Selection of our Topics:

  • Unfold your potential: Improving productivity with bioavailability
  • PVA EMPROVE®: high purity, all major pharmacopeias
  • Biochrom acquisition means more liquid cell culture media and buffers

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Former issues

Pharmail 2.12

  • New: Cellvento™ CHO-100 cell culture media
  • Maximum quality: CaHPO4 produced by Merck Millipore
  • Probumin® – setting the pace in BSA applications

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Pharmail 1.12

  • Roll out the power: High-performance excipients for consistent, low-dose formulation
  • Falsified Medicines Directive
  • CellPrime™ recombinant human lysozyme

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 pharmail 1.12

Pharmail 2.11

  • From a safe source: Quality medications start with quality ingredients.
  • First products from cGMP production plant for inorganic salts.
  • TRIS now available in new purity grade.

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Pharmail 1.11

  • Knowledge Combined: Our new Pharm Chemical Solutions Studio in the USA
  • Right Product, right application: Why does Merck have more than one Emprove® portfolio?
  • Working together to ensure patient safety: Merck hosts the first Rx-360 Consortium global open day meeting

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pharmail 1.11 

Pharmail 3.10

  • Look how it´s grown: The market for cell culture media
  • Quality high: Why chemically defined cell culture media keep their promises
  • A closer look: How Parteck® ODT performs

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pharmail 3.10 

Pharmail 2.10

  • A balanced performance: How Merck mineral salts make the difference
  • Pole position: Our new anionic exchanger puts you in the fast lane
  • Exceeding your expectations: Why Merck customers sometimes get more than they bargained for

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pharmail 2.10 

Pharmail 1.10

  • Pass the salt: The growing demand for mineral salts
  • On time for tomorrow: Our new Inorganics Production Site in Darmstadt
  • Taking the work out of paperwork: Our RegAffairs Scientific Services team

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pharmail 1.10

Pharmail 3.09

  • Pleasing the patient: ODTs – the taste of success
  • The quest for the P-Crystal: Why proteins in crystalline form have a great future
  • Finding the perfect partner: The new Analytical Application Finder makes analysis easier

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pharmail 3.09

Pharmail 2.09

  • Boosting your business: Functional excipients – the new performance ingredients
  • What‘s in a name? EshmunoTM S – a smart star is born
  • In praise of an unsung hero: Fourty years of pH test stripes

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pharmail 2.09

Pharmail 1.09

  • Spotlight on Biopharma: A closer look at the thriving industry
  • A sneak peek at the roadmap: An interview with Burghard Freiberg, Head of Life Science Solutions at Merck
  • Sweet simplicity: Merck Sucralose for HBA and pharmaceutical applications

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pharmail 1.09

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