pCITE®Translation Enhancer Vectors

The plasmid pCITE-1 (originally published as pE5LVPO) was made by Griff Parks, Greg Duke and Ann Palmenberg at the University of Wisconsin. The sequence of pCITE-1 was compiled by John Miglietta.

Plasmids pCITE-2a-c(+), pCITE-3a-c(+), pCITE-4a-c(+), and pCITE-5b(+) were constructed and their sequences compiled at Novagen, Inc. When used as a T-Vector, there is an additional T in the EcoR V site such that the vector sequence reads GATT before the cloned insert on both strands. The f1 origin of replication is oriented such that infection with helper phage will produce virions containing single stranded DNA that is complementary to the RNA produced by T7 RNA polymerase transcription. Therefore, single stranded sequencing and mutagenesis should be performed using the CITE primer. The numbering system of the pCITE-2, pCITE-3, pCITE-4, and pCITE-5 series has been changed so that nucleotide number 1 is the first base in the T7 transcript.

The vector sequences are provided in GenBank format, with significant features indicated. To convert the sequence into other formats, first select the sequence and copy (Command-C on Mac or Ctrl-C on Windows). Next, click here to open the NIH ReadSeq web page in a new window. Paste the sequence into the input field (Command-V on Mac or Ctrl-V on PC), choose your favorite format from the dropdown menu, and hit the "submit" button.

You can access sequences, maps, ordering information, newsletter articles and technical bulletins through the following links:

pCITE-2a(+) Sequence Icon Map Icon Ordering Icon   Technical Bulletin Icon
pCITE-4a(+) Sequence Icon Map Icon Ordering Icon   Technical Bulletin IconTechnical Bulletin Icon

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