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Aluspher® 100 RP-select B

A stable reversed phase stationary phase optimized for applications up to pH 12

Aluspher® 100 RP-select B HPLC columns

Due to its stability, alumina, together with alkaline eluents, has enabled new applications to be found for HPLC. Advanced formulation technology enables the production of spherical alumina particles as a base for Aluspher® 100 RP-select B.
Aluspher® 100 RP-select B is ideal when using basic eluents as ionization of basic compounds is suppressed and thus peak tailing avoided. It is an alkali-stable reversed phase stationary phase designed for the separation of neutral, basic and acidic compounds when using basic eluents.
Due to its stability in the pH range of pH 2-12 Aluspher® 100 RP-select B allows use of basic eluents such as NaOH.


Specifications of 100 RP-select B

Sorbent characteristics Alumina particles, coated with polybutadiene (PBD)
Particle shape spherical
Particle size 5 μm
Pore size 100 Å (10 nm)
Spec. surface area 170 m2/g
pH range pH 2-12
Efficiency 55,000 N/m
Shipping eluent Acetonitrile/water

Click here to view examples of applications with Aluspher® 100 RP-select B.

Ordering Information – Aluspher® 100 RP-select B

  4x4 mm 4x125 mm 4x250 mm
Aluspher® 100 RP-select B 1.51311.0001 1.51315.0001 1.51318.0001

The LiChroCART® columns (125, 150 and 250 mm lengths) in the list above (4.6 mm i.d.).require part number 1.51486.0001 manu-CART® NT cartridge column holder, which can be used to hold one cartridge column with or without a 4-4mm guard column.


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  Example application

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